7 Online Dating Tips to Succeed in the Dating World

Online Dating is part of the new normal as we spend more time in the cyber world now than ever before.

Ever since the Kiss.com dating website’s launch in 1994, online dating has dramatically transformed the landscape of romance.

Formerly considered a taboo subject, virtual dating has become a more popular way of meeting new people. This is especially the case in this pandemic, where personal meetings have been put at a standstill.

Just like real-life dating, online dating has its success stories too. In fact, 12% of Americans are in a relationship or married to somebody they have met through online dating.

You could be just like them simply by following these online dating tips:

Know Your Motive

Before you delve into the world of online dating, you need to be transparent with your motive.

Are you looking for a committed relationship or a hookup? Whatever your reason might be, you need to be frank with your match, as this will save you from future headaches.

A good thing about being upfront is that you’ll be more likely to reach your goals. Better yet, you won’t end up wasting your time – and another person’s, too.

Find the Best Dating Site

There are many dating sites and apps available, with each having its niche or specialization. For best results, go to a site that meets your personality or specifications.

Here are some recommendations:

  • OkCupid for long-term relationships

  • Match for over-40 users

  • OkZoomer for college students

  • Bumble for women who like to make the first move

  • XO for people with online dating jitters, as this allows you to meet people through icebreaker games

  • Facebook Dating for Facebook users who don’t want to register at a new site

  • Tastebuds for music lovers

  • The League for busy individuals

  • Ship for people who want their friends to choose their matches

  • Tinder for globetrotters, as it now comes with a passport feature

  • HER for lesbians

Create a Killer Profile

Your profile is what makes you attractive to a potential partner. That said, you must create the best one possible.

As your picture is the first one to be seen, you need to put your best face forward – quite literally. You can achieve this by showing your natural smile and your personality. Add about four different shots – the more, the merrier!

For your profile description, talk about your personality and interests. Illustrate yourself in a sentence or two.

Don’t bore the reader with your entire life story. This is best saved for the conversations that ensue after that.

Be Truthful

It may be tempting to paint yourself in a different light, as this may help increase the number of your matches. But if you want to succeed and satisfy your motive, you need to be as truthful as possible.

Doing this will get you quality instead of quantity. This is particularly true if you’re looking for a committed relationship.

By being truthful in your profile, you attract people who like you for the real you. You wouldn’t want to be spending time with an individual who only likes your ‘fake’ self.

Limit Your Time on Dating Apps

Sure, it can be addictive to view thousands of profiles. However, this could be truly overwhelming. More often than not, it can lead to a phenomenon psychologists call “rejection mindset.”

Here, the longer you browse through the website, the more likely you are to turn down or reject potential partners. This results in dissatisfaction with the present pool, so you become more pessimistic about finding a match online.

To avoid this rejection mindset, limit the time you spend on online dating apps per day. With this, you get to examine each profile that comes your way.

Widen Your Horizons

Are you dissatisfied with your dating matches at the moment? One option you should consider is widening your horizons.

While it’s normal to stick with your preferences, this might cause you to miss out on a potential partner. Sure, this person doesn’t meet your criteria on paper. But in real life, this might prove otherwise. You wouldn’t want to miss this opportunity.

That said, go ahead and change your criteria by increasing the age range, for example. By expanding your search base, you get better and more chances of connecting with a suitable partner.


The usual struggle with online dating is the meeting up part. Like any other first date, it’s normal to feel jitters when you first meet someone.

As long as you deem it safe to do so, meet with your online partner at the soonest possible time. This is how online dating works in your favor. A meet-up allows you to know the real person as he or she can no longer hide under a virtual cloak.

Another great thing about meeting ASAP is that you get to weed out unsuitable partners. If that person is unwilling to see you in real life, this could be a red flag that should prod you to move on.

Before you start swiping right, make sure to follow these seven online dating tips. Who knows? They might be your passport towards real-life romantic success.

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