9 First Date Mistakes That Turn Him Off. (How to make him WANT you MORE )

Sometimes it’s not a big mystery.

Ever wonder what first date mistakes turn him off? If you want to know what turns men off on a first date and what first date mistakes to avoid, then watch this video!

You will learn the 9 first date mistakes that women make as well as first date tips to make him want you more. I will reveal what men want on a first date and the things girls do to turn guys off!

9 First Date Mistakes That Turn Him Off. (How to make him WANT you MORE )

A lot to the time we go on dates thinking more about what we want , instead of also realising what men are looking for. And so we shoot ourselves in the foot before we can even give him a chance to see just how awesome we are .

So what are those little pesky first date mistakes we make that turn men off ?

Well here are 9 of the most common that you can hit on the head straight away :

  1. Making him wait on purpose or arriving incredibly late . 
  2. Talking about ex’s or past relationships .
  3. Asking how much money he makes .
  4. Getting drunk or losing control.
  5. Turning it into a husband interview!
  6. Acting bored.
  7. Being self entitled or disrespectful.
  8. Being too serious .
  9. Not making any effort with your appearance . 

When we can be aware of how to be a dateable woman we up our chances for coming across the way which we intent to : a high value woman who is ready for romance.

Which one of these mistakes are you guilty of ?




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