9 Signs he has bad intentions


Is here here to break or make your heart?

If you can know the red flags of dating early on it means you are able to tell if he has bad intentions and if he’s a player. Let’s face it , not all men are obvious red flags , and sometimes we even want to deny those obvious signs because of what we feel or want with them.

But if you are sick of wasting time on men who aren’t on the same page , then it’s time to be aware of what some of those indications are that he has bad intentions .

Remember that attention doesn’t always equal positive intentions . So let’s look at those signs now :

Here are the 9 signs that he’s a player and has bad intentions :

1) He constantly talks about sex– this means he may also joke about it as well or send you inappropriate texts and messages .

2) He checks out other women in front of you– blatant disrespect of who you are and also an indication that he could be unfaithful or not ready to prioritise you.

3) He puts your down- Too much criticising , even if he does it jokingly shows a lack of generosity and kindness.

4) He wants to move too fast– That’s because he usually wants one thing or isn’t a whole person.

5) He starts trying to control you – could be an indication to a  character.

6) He never wants to contribute – could mean he is selfish and doesn’t have a generous spirit .

7) Everything is about what is convenient for him –  that’s because he only wants things his way

8) He makes you do things that compromise your standards- which is an indication that he doesn’t care about what makes you feel comfortable as well.

9) He always has excuses for his behaviour. – that’s because he doesn’t want to be kept accountable to treating you well.

Remember that the right man is a man who makes you feel good , not question your worth or his intentions. What you allow is what continues , so don’t feel you have to keep putting up wiht it just because you have so far.

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