9 Subtle Signs That Someone Has a Crush on You

It’s often hard to tell if someone has a crush on you.

You wouldn’t want to end up looking ridiculous if you come up to that person and ask right on his or her face, only to get a “no.” If you know this person, not only will you embarrass yourself, you also risk losing a friend and having awkward encounters afterward. Are you itching to know how to tell if a girl likes youor if a guy has a crush on you? Check out these telltale signs:

1.    Acts differently

Every time you’re around, a person who has a crush on you will instantly blush and change behavior in either of these ways:

•   Stand out: They would suddenly burst with energy and enthusiasm. He’d crack jokes out of nowhere, or they keep smiling without any reason. If you’re in the same class, they would suddenly become participative. It’s like this person wants a lot of attention from you and invests much effort to impress you.

•   Withdraw:Some people shy away when their crush is near. They like you a lot, but they’re not confident enough, so they hide in the shadows instead. When you enter the room, this potential admirer will suddenly stay quiet and become cautious or, worse, clumsy, which is ironic because they still end up catching your attention, albeit for the wrong reason.

2.    Improves his or her looks

Having a crush makes a person more conscious about his or her looks. Try to see if your potential admirer puts a lot of effort in improving his or her appearance. Does he or she wear better outfits? Wear his or her hair differently? Put on more makeup? If they do so, it’s a pretty good sign. 

3.    Stares frequently 

Some may say that staring is creepy or rude, but these things don’t matter for someone who’s got a crush on you. You’ll often find this person’s eyes fixed on you when you’re focused on an activity. It’s like you’re some kind of precious gem and they want to memorize every part of your face. However, if you happen to catch them, they’d quickly look away to avoid getting caught and even pretend like it didn’t happen.

4.    Can’t keep eye contact

Your potential admirer may stare at you at a distance, but when you finally talk face to face, they would often avoid eye contact. Just having you standing close by already sends shivers down their spine – what more if you look at them straight in the eye?

subtle signs he has a crush on you

5.    Prolongs the conversation

When you and this person finally break the ice, expect longer hours spent together. More often than not, they’re the ones who will initiate the conversation. Notice how they would keep the conversation going. You can talk about anything under the sun no matter how long you want and you won’t hear a single complaint.

6.    Remembers details

A person who likes you a lot will have an interest in any information that pertains to you. You’d be surprised by the amount of knowledge this person has about you, most especially if he’s a guy. Men are poor at remembering details about other people, but when he likes someone, he’d miraculously store a vast amount of information about that person in his memory.

The person who has a crush on you may remember seemingly mundane details that you said, the clothes you wear, and your favorite color or food. It’s like they’re a walking and talking encyclopedia or slam book.

7.    Always gives compliments

To your potential admirer, you are the coolest person in the world. So, they’d shower you with praises. They’ll like or leave wonderful comments on virtually all your social mediaposts. They’ll cheer you up and commend even the smallest achievements you have.

8.    Follows you around

Sometimes, a person can have a stalker-level crush on you. You’ll see this person at school, at every party you go to, or at hallways where you usually pass by. It’s like they keep a list of your schedule and make every effort to show up wherever you are. They could also regularly show up at your favorite coffee shop during the exact times you just want to chill and hang out with your friends.

9.    Gives you special attention

You’re the apple of this person’s eyes. So, they would treat you like you’re some very important person. They would prioritize your request, accompany you, and carry your things. They would willingly offer their help whenever you need it. You’ll also get bombarded with texts asking how your day was, if you’re okay, or if you had dinner already. For a guy, perhaps, the sweetest gesture he can show for his crush is offering her a ride home.

A crush is often just a temporary feeling, and someone can have more than one crush at the same time. You don’t have to take this feeling seriously. However, if you and your potential admirer can get to know more about each other and sparks fly, you could be in for a much deeper connection and a more serious relationship.

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