9 Ways To Meet Men In Real Life

So how exactly do you meet a guy IRL?

Are you someone who is wondering, not to quote Daya, where all the good boys go to hideaway? With so many opportunities to meet people out there nowadays, why is it still so hard to meet that perfect guy? As frustrated as you may be, there is hope! In today’s article, we are going to be walking through some great ways to meet men naturally, that you may not have considered before.

The Gym

Yes, you may be afraid to meet someone when you are sweaty and not looking your best, but many men are actually attracted to women who are not put together. If you consistently go to the gym, chances are you are going to run into the same people. Also, taking classes, especially cycling or other body lifting classes, can be a great way to meet men. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to someone and strike up a conversation.


Now, you want to be careful with one. Though bars are a great way to meet men, it can also be a way to meet the wrong type of men. However, going out to restaurants and bars with your other single girlfriends or in groups is an easy way to get noticed and to meet a lot of new people. So, don’t be afraid to go out and have fun even in your singleness.


Do you want to find the hipster, quiet guy who is secretly writing poetry? Then your local coffee shop might be a great place to start. Find a cafe, or try several, and become a regular. Cafes are great places to read, catch up on work, people watch, and blog. Get comfy and don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to the cute guy across the room from you.


Another place to be cautious. But, it is statistically proven that 15% of people meet their spouses at work. If you do find someone at work attractive or that you’d like to get to know better proceed with caution and discretion. You don’t want your break up story to be discussed around the break room.


Online dating does not have the stigma that it did years ago. Most singles in their 20s and 30s are on some sort of online dating platform, whether it be online or an app. Online dating is a great way to put yourself out there, and even meet someone in your vicinity that you wouldn’t have otherwise. Be cautious before choosing a particular dating platform. Do your research on the features, benefits, and costs before you commit. Some apps and platforms may be better for you than others. And, if you are going the free route, why not try out two at once.


You know those dreaded weddings that you hate having to attend by your single self? They could secretly be opportunities to meet your future special someone. Weddings are great ways to meet mutual friends of your close friends that you never knew existed. They could place you at a table with eligible bachelors, and it is easy to be introduced when dancing in a group of people. So, change your perspective the next time you are lamenting going to a wedding by yourself.

Community Activities

It can be hard if you just moved to a new location to find a way to get plugged into the community. But, doing this can open up your chances of meeting people near you. Introduce yourself to your neighbors, go to community events and parades in the summer, or find the cool place to hang out in your new town.

Co-Ed Sports Team

Are you sporty and competitive? Many communities, workplaces, or even churches offer the opportunity for you to get involved in a sports league. Pick one based on your talent level, and have fun mingling with the other co-eds. Check your local rec center or gym for openings or just chat with people from work. Have fun doing an activity and meeting some new people.


There is nothing wrong with putting the word out to close friends that you are looking to meet some new faces. Often friends would love to help set us up, but they don’t know we are interested. By asking friends for suggestions or even mutual friends they know, they can set you up with a great person. Don’t miss out because you are scared of what they might say back to you. Real friends would be delighted to help find you someone great since they obviously think you’re great.


As you can see, there are so many fun and fresh ways you can connect and find someone special. I wish you the best of luck as you try some new ways to meet men! You are worth the wait, and you will find someone amazing!

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