A little Christmas note to all my Readers.

Design by Marina Musa

Design by Marina Musa

To all my amazing Readers….

Well what a year this has been! I just wanted to share a quick post with all of my readers to say thank you for your overwhelming support for Bella and Darcy and also tell you a little bit more about myself and this year ! I started this blog in March when I was going through a hard time with an ex partner who had a child to a previous relationship. I felt like I was the only woman in my situation and so wanted to create a voice online where women could connect and relate and not feel like they are alone in whatever type of relationships they find themselves in.

The name Bella and Darcy ( get asked this question all the time so though I better explain !) comes from the character Bella form the hit series Twilight ( don’t judge me!) and yes you guessed it Mr Darcy form Pride and Prejudice … so it’s a combination of the old and the new , the way I see romance now days .

No I haven’t had professional training ( although I have been to counselling myself )and yes a lot of what I write I have been through or know women who have experienced what I write about .Behind my ‘glamorous’  job of being a model and TV presenter I have gone through probably the most challenging year yet.  This year has been a whirlwind for me, I’ve been given a ring but no proposal, cheated on, heartbroken over decisions that were made without me yet involved me. I’ve been to counselling , I’ve learned to let go even when I don’t want to, I’ve been heartbroken beyond belief and come out stronger than I ever thought possible . I’ve been swept off my feet again only to be dropped like a hot potato, had the ex move on before I even had a chance to have closure , have had several meltdowns ( including one in Paris and London… you know just to keep it interesting!?). I’ve had women hate and bully me, but I’ve had so many more support and love me.

This year I have grown so much and realised that my self value does not lie in the hands of a man nor does my validation come from the failure or success of a relationship. That life is what you make it and everything has a purpose and a time. I have learnt how to love myself and my life no matter what season I’m in, and that happiness is a choice.  Yes I have people constantly ask me why I’m single and I’m pretty sure if they knew more about the toxic relationship I got out of they would congratulate me .

The New Year ahead holds amazing opportunities for Bella and Darcy and I am so excited to share my blog and my journey with you all! As most of you might know it’s now official that I will be a regular blogger on Australia’s largest online dating site RSVP, move over Carrie Bradshaw! I have many other publications and people from around the world that I will be writing for so stay up to date either on twitter, Facebook or you can subscribe to my blog.

BIG NEWS (again) I will be starting my own women’s groups from February 2014!! The aim is to hold fun and positive events where likeminded women can come together and laugh, chat and connect over something fabulous and positive!


Have a wonderful Christmas and may 2014 be your best year yet!!

Love Renee

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