Why actions speak louder than words in relationships

Relationships are complex and challenging to understand. Human beings have complicated emotions and trying to evaluate one another’s actions, and their meanings can be very frustrating.

The age old question of ‘where is this going?’ is never far out of reach.

When you’ve been in a relationship for a while, and you’ve never been more in love with your partner, it can be a tricky conversation to have. However there some behavioral standards that indicate which direction the relationship is moving towards.

I always say that that the two things that identify if your relationship is healthy is peace and progress. It’s all very good to have someone’s words and good intentions. But actions will always speak louder.

Here are just a few key actions that really indicate your relationship is heading to the next level:

Moving in together

Moving into an apartment or shared house together is a big step in your relationship. It means you’re committing to one another in love and finances.

You’ve long blown past the awkwardness that occurs at the end of every date and feel comfortable in each other’s company for extended periods of time.

Moving in together is an incredibly powerful sign you’re ready to share living space with another human being. It means you trust them enough to become a part of your daily life and be the person they are in contact with the most in your life.

This shows you’re quite mature and heading down a road to committing yourselves to one another in a more permanent fashion.

Getting Engaged

Saying ‘I love you’ is a beautiful thing to admit and express to someone. However, sometimes in order to show that love in a tangible form, actions do speak louder than words.

Some may say they’re mere trinkets, but a piece of jewelry specifically dedicated to a woman captivates the heart of the relationship.

Marriage symbolises the level of commitment that you have for one another. It tells the world that you have pledged to do life together , which is pretty special .

Whilst the ring may not be important to some, it does represent the commitment physically.  Expert craftsmanship like Tacori engagement rings, boast a level of intricacy and design that speaks to the inner heart the woman more than words perhaps could.

The engagement ring is a bold statement, for all the world to see that you have chosen each other .

Meeting the in-laws

Meeting her or his parents for the first time is a daunting task. You don’t want to make a good impression; it should be a fantastic first impression.

As you can imagine when you have kids, you want them to find the best suitor for them. Someone who truly cares loves and cherishes them.

You will be on display, and your actions will be studied. However, since you’ve gotten this far, it shows that you’re willing to learn more about your partner’s family and background.

You’re more than just boyfriend and girlfriend, you’re curious about each other and want to take things further.


Sitting down to budget future

Sitting down to budget your future together is a great sign of maturity.

You’re both in the same boat, reading from the same book, from the same page. You’ve made a choice to share financial burdens and make sure the home and numerous possessions are paid for.

A practical solution is sometimes better than a romantic one-liner. Working out what is and isn’t affordable or what you want to save up for together takes a degree of politics and commitment to one another.

Understanding each other’s worries and needs takes patience and once again shows your care for what you have.


Like any healthy relationship there will be moments when actions and words will contradict each other occasionally, but that is where good communication comes in.

It’s important to be able to talk about the future with your partner and know that you both want the same things.


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