Be a Fearless Woman



This one is from the heart…

Sometimes we forget whom we are, in the hard times, the seasons of pain or bursts of bitterness we cry out desperate for the answers or forgiveness.

We feel as if there is something wrong with us when we cry too much or we apologize for wanting a man. We feel guilty for wanting romance, love, companionship or a feminine dream. We condemn ourselves and cage our minds to what the world makes of our image.

We damage our bodies, face and spirit trying always to be thinner, prettier more lovely than someone else. We strive to find our value and significance in a world where even the best of males disappoint us.

We want to be beautiful, not for others, but for ourselves. We yearn to see and hear the appreciation of our gender on their faces.

We fight battles within our mind and mend scores of broken hearts.

Maybe we have cried too much, shopped too much and fallen in love too many times; and why is it that we always seem to make the same mistakes time and time again?

Why is it that we feel we have a duty to fulfill as mothers and paragons of propriety? When exactly do we get our break? When do will get the chance to stop apologizing for being woman?

My darling the answer is NOW. Never from the moment you were created did you have to start apologizing. You are woman, fearfully and wonderfully made in every aspect.

You are the crown of creation, the beauty of the world waiting to be unveiled. You are the song of humanity, the music of this realm. You are a daughter of the King, the breath of eternity and strength breathed into your spirit.

Hope and wisdom are your middle names. Love and justice are your hands, while truth and might become your feet, leaving footprints upon this earth.

You are risen, empowered and beautiful to the core. Your voice is music to the Father’s ears. He weeps when you weep, rejoices when you rejoice. He carry’s you when you stumble, beckons you when you stop and lifts you when you fall.

He sees you as beautiful no matter what shape or size. To god you are His most stunning creation.

Let loose your feminine cries, make known the desires of your heart for surly He is aware and interested in every intricate detail of your life. Keep dreaming those romantic dreams for He has gifted you with a mind and imagination that projects the songs of a beautifully sensitive heart.

Be that alluring woman whom creates a captivating presence wherever she goes. Go on I dare you to be the essence of woman.

Go on Daughter; step out into your destiny and calling as woman upon this earth. Reach forward, take this hand and allow yourself the freedom you yearn for.

Stop trying to be someone you’re not, stop apologizing for something God specifically made you to be. You are woman, so let it be.



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