Bring Home the Romance: Valentine’s Decor Ideas for the Perfect Night In

Valentine’s Day is almost here…

so if you feel the love in the air, you’re not the only one, and in case you’re single and feel indifferent towards this romantic holiday, relax because it is possible to celebrate it without having a partner.

Self-love has been becoming increasingly popular, and for a good reason, because if you don’t love yourself, it will be hard to love anybody else.

Therefore, giving your space a bit of a makeover in order to celebrate love will surely help you relax and enjoy this special day. Now, whether you plan to have dinner with your partner, or prefer to be all by yourself, here are some tips to decorate your home in a romantic and loving manner:

Don’t forget the candles

Let’s start with the obvious: candles are the symbol of romantic and soothing atmosphere, so if you don’t have time or means to seriously redecorate your space, then arranging them all over the room will certainly infuse your home with an atmosphere of love and romance.

For some extra enjoyment, you can also use sweet-smelling candles, that emit the aroma of lavender, vanilla or cinnamon. You will definitely have some great time while eating your

Valentine’s dinner with the one you love, surrounded by lovely and relaxing candle scents. Also, aromatherapy is a nice way to get close to your partner and get relaxed together, and candles can certainly help you there, so make sure to choose those that will suit both your and your partner’s needs.

Coordinate the colours

There is a common belief that red and pink are the ultimate romantic colours, so it is no wonder why many people refuse to apply this aesthetic to their home.

Still, thanks to popular culture, nowadays colours such as pearl white, champagne, coral, and rose brown are considered romantic so if you’re not someone who loves pink and red, you can still decorate your space with some of the above-mentioned tones.

It is important to coordinate them with existing colours in your room, so you won’t create extra confusion and make your room look cluttered and too contrasting.

Add whimsical elements

Valentine’s Day is all about romance and spending time with your beloved, so of course, it is logical to add some whimsical decor elements, as that is the easiest way to make your place more intimate and loving.

Therefore, making paper garlands (in case you can’t find the real ones), or adorning the walls with sweet quotes that show love to your partner will add a lot to an already romantic atmosphere.

Don’t feel bad if you can’t afford lavish decor pieces, because sometimes, the best way to prove your love is to through some DIY efforts. And since Valentine’s in the middle of February, you can consider getting a luxuriously soft wool rug, that will add warmth and elegance to your home, which is the perfect thing for a night in with your partner.


Add softness with pillows and blankets

In case you’re not the one to organize an elaborate Valentine’s dinner that consists of few courses including the desert, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a special night filled with love, cuddling and enjoying each other’s company.

It is perfectly fine to order a pizza and have a quiet night in, especially if both of you are too busy during the day.

So, if you still want to have some Valentine’s Day fun, without actually doing much, you can get a few soft throw pillows, and bonus points if you opt for baby pink, peach and white tones, or those with cute patterns such as polka dots or stripes. Add one or two fuzzy blankets to the mix and you’re ready for the perfect sweet Valentine’s evening in the comfort of your living room.

It’s all about the hearts, baby

Hearts are the fundamental symbols of love and passion, so if nothing else works, then opting for heat-inspired decor will surely transform your place and make it seem more romantic.

Depending on the amount of time and financial resources, you can opt for various decor items, such as framed heart collection art print, or if you’re a crafty type, you can cut heat out of papers and create a hanging paper doily.

Also, it is possible to bake a heart-shaped cake or make any type of romantic dish that you and your partner will enjoy together.


Having a romantic night in is something worth considering, mainly if you aren’t interested in going out and being surrounded by other couples. After all, intimacy and privacy are huge aspects of every relationship, so staying at home with dinner, movie and some, with a little help of some romantic decor ideas, is a perfect way to reconnect to your partner and reaffirm the love you have for each other.


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