Can You Meet The One Online?

Online dating is no longer taboo…

Technology has undoubtedly changed almost every part of our day-to-day lives, and how we date is no exception. There are more dating apps now than there is space to name them, and “swiping right” has become a part of our vocabulary. 

But even with the ease and convenience of dating online, is it possible to actually meet “the one” this way? WhoIsHosting surveyed nearly 1,000 people to see how these meet-ups usually go, and how they feel about bringing these romances into real life.


While over half of American couples still meet through friends or in-person, about 40% of couples are now meeting online. 


As a result, the stigma that once surrounded meeting a significant other online has definitely started to fade. In fact, 82.1% of people now believe that couples who meet online can have just as long of a relationship as a couple that met in person.

It may seem hard to believe when you’re scrolling through an inbox of strange messages, but 23.1% of people who met their partner online even ended up tying the knot.

Still, many couples are embarrassed to admit how they met. Generation Z is most likely to lie about it, with 44.1% of people having lied before about meeting their significant other online.


People are also still very cautious when meeting up with an online date. Women tend to take more safety precautions, like telling someone about their plans in advance, sharing their location or having a friend call to check in during the date.

Men seem to be less concerned, as they’re three times more likely to not take any safety precautions. While 79% of women tell someone about their plans, only 53.5% of men do the same.

Many people also turn to social media to do some sleuthing before meeting a match in person. Nearly 4 in 5 respondents admitted to looking up their date on social media before meeting.

n recent decades, the percentage of couples meeting online has surged significantly (PDF). Simultaneously, fewer partners are finding each other through family and mutual friends, indicating a major shift in dating culture. Moreover, our findings suggest that relationships sparked online are frequently quite serious: More than 1 in 5 respondents who met their significant other online later married them.

Have these developments reversed the long-standing stigma against online dating, or are people still reluctant to admit to meeting in this manner? Interestingly, members of Generation Z and millennials were most likely to feel embarrassed about meeting their partners online — and even to lie about doing so.

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