Can you use digital marketing to find a Valentines Date?

Can you find your Valentines date purely by digital marketing?

Meet Long… a 25 year old male living in Melbourne , who is on a mission to find a girl. Only thing is , he’s decided to give dating apps the flick and instead create a website to find his true love…all by February the 14th!

Is it crazy ?

A little , and yet his idea of finding love through digital marketing isn’t so far fetched. With dating reality TV shows , matchmakers, dating apps and anything else in between  …you can safely say that finding love has become a creative adventure!

Now whether or not he starts creating Facebook ads and sponsored posts to seek out his fair lady , is another thing. You can say that this man is clearly the real deal if he is willing to go to that much effort.

Is this a social experiment that will end in broken hearts?

Who knows…maybe , but either way its a story to tell the kids if he ends up finding his happily ever after.

Want to find out more? Or maybe even apply to be the fair maiden of his heart this Feb 14th? Then all you need to do is click the link.


Originally posted 2019-02-09 06:19:51.

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