City Swoon : The “slow” speed dating event with a twist!

Are you actively dating?

Or do you shy away from dating and unsure what to do or where to go?

I was in a relationship for 20 years, and yes at first the thought of putting myself out there scared the heck out of me. Fear can easily rise up when it comes to dating after having being in a long term relationship.  But fear has never gotten us anywhere, unless we acknowledge it and push through it.  Don’t let the fear of dating take away what could potentially be a lot of fun.  What I have found over the years, is, dating is a time to get to know oneself more. With that, I chose to push through the fear, embraced it. It was not easy, but I have become brave and I am so glad I did. I have not only gone out there and enjoyed myself going out again, but made some incredible connections and great new friendships too. Well, sadly I have met a few let’s say not so incredible, but I have learned so much more about myself. And that is priceless.

Dating these days seem to be in an online world of swipe-and-match, a world based on looks from our smart phones with basic preferences or matched by answering questions and scrolling through profile after profile. Some may never meet their matches and when they do, there is often no compatibility. Does this kind of dating appeal to you? If not, let me share with you CitySwoon.

I am lucky enough to host these events in Canberra.  CitySwoon, founded by Brett Couston and his wife Louise Cummins is the current Guinness World Record holder for the Biggest Blind Date, held at the Sydney Opera House a couple of years ago,  so with that, CitySwoon know a lot about how to get people together on matched dates.

They have developed a sophisticated new algorithm which will match you to your dates, and you are guaranteed to never double-match and it ensures you have some really great dates on the night.  Events are held Australia wide and you can find out more details here.

With CitySwoon hosted events, you are matched with 6-8 dates in one night at a great venue with drinks and food provided. With no pressure and no hassles and no swiping left or right. The only thing you need to worry about is what shoes will match your outfit! You still upload your image, answer some questions and sign-up, but the rest is all done for you. It’s a great way to meet new people and also help with your confidence if you are getting back into dating.

I really love the concept of CitySwoon, as it has this organic feel about it and watching everyone enjoying the company of others in person is fabulous to see. So much so I see not only couples connecting, but there is sisterhood happening and the males bonding afterwards.

Getting back into dating, I wish I had CitySwoon as an option.

Is it speed dating?  It’s ‘slow’ speed dating with a twist. And, you receive a lot of support (if you need it) on the night as well. In fact, the hosts are there every step of the way supporting you with any needed guidance, support and just a little encouragement as you met your new dates.

The way it works is:

You register for free at and answer some questions, some personal and generic ones.  You have an option to choose what you are looking for, whether it’s long term, short term or casual. From there you can upload a few photos and activate your account.  Once, your account is activated you can then book to join an event.  Your profile is private unless you reach out to someone (subscription*) or once you have been matched at an event.

Once you have booked into an event you will receive notifications via email and SMS and when you arrive at the venue, it’s as easy as checking in with your smart phone. I’m always impressed everyone arrives on time and with that all the men and women are matched up with CitySwoon’s formulated algorithm. The matched dates come through one at a time to your phone, with image and name so it’s easy to find each other. The evening is well planned, and has this relaxed yet focused ambience. You will have 6 – 8 matched dates all at the same great venue, which makes the whole experience a conducive and fun way to meet, without having to ask for phone numbers or having to be awkward should you did not feel a connection.

With an open bar throughout the event, each date is given 15 minutes to connect and have a chance to know each other a bit, then once the time is up the next match hits the phones and off everyone goes again. This happens 4 times before a break is allocated with delicious food and a chance for everyone to mingle.  After the break, the matches begin again.  You have a chance to sit anywhere with your date at the venue, which often has different areas to choose from.

I really enjoy talking to the daters after the event, some of whom are new to dating and find it a great way to meet new people and to gain some confidence as they get back out there.  Others, like the simplicity of the new dating concept, especially if they don’t have the time to swipe or read through profiles, or to have continuous chats prior to arranging for a meeting.  Here, all the hard work is done via CitySwoon’s algorithm, admin team and the host.

There have been some amazing outcomes from dates through CitySwoon, many where people have connected straight away, and a great story I heard recently of a gentleman who had been searching (and dating) for years using many different dating avenues only to find his one via CitySwoon on his first ever event!

Well, they can’t of course promise this sort of outcome for everyone, but you’ll never know if you don’t go, right…

I know dating may seem scary, or worst, like a chore, but it doesn’t have to be like that. I find dating is a great way to meet new people and CitySwoon sure gives you that option.


About the Author 

Joanne Michelle is a professional Break-Up Recovery Coach , who understands the struggles and new found joys of finding love after divorce. Join her retreats or read her articles to hear more of her stories and tips.

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