Clinks: The dating app where you actually get to go on dates !


The whole point of joining a dating app , is to go on a date. But how many times have we been frustrated that said date is just not happening?! It’s easy to fall into the habit of just developing relationships online or through our phones instead of actually doing it face to face. Here is where the new dating app Clinks steps in . These guys are serious . They have literally created an app that puts time limits on our chances of going on a date with someone.

No more time wasters. No more waiting around and being swiped away. They make going on a date , an actual reality!

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In the meantime here is the low down:

What: Dating App

Available: Now only on I.O.S but later on Android as well in mid 2017

Cost: Totally free to download and use . However if you run out of time with someone , you will need to buy credits in store to be able to contact them again. Hence why you need to make a quick decision about your date!

Cool Features : OK so apart from all the time limits you get to chat to someone( this helps create a sense of urgency and gets rid of the time wasters) , they do list all the really cool bars in town. It takes the hassle out of trying to research one or try and figure out which one is best. It also doesn’t allow you to just swipe through everyone. You literally get two matches each time and you have to choose one or get none!!

Cons:  So the time limits are a great way to really get to know whether or not someone wants to go on a date with you , but it also means when you run out of time you need to spend some money to get more time.  But hey , it will sort the men from the boys!

How it Works

Download the app and set up your usual profile info and turn on your location settings. And find some body that you can match with . Keeping in mind you have to choose one or get none out of the two options.

OK fab so you clinked with someone. Now after you sent/ received a request you have 24 hrs to respond. And then 1 hour to start a conversation once you have accepted them….1 hour isn’t much people, so this will really test you to see if you or your match is serious about dating!

This little timer will even remind you that you have 1 hour till deadline to chat to your new found match. Don’t forget once they are gone , you will have to buy time back with them again!

The point here is to ask or be asked out on an actual date ( hence the time limits) . When you are ready you simply send a “drinks request”

Great once your hot new match has accepted your drinks request you can choose a place you both like using the geo-location ( which can be turned off for privacy reasons as well)

And voila! You are both on your way to a date , but only if you respond within 15 mins to their drinks request. Yep there are a whole lot of time constraints , but this is actually a good thing. It means it forces you out of your comfort zone and puts words into actions. It also helps you identify who is really serious about dating and makes you be a little bit pickier with whom you choose in the first place.

Stars:  4/5

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