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There is something so fulfilling about working with other woman whom have a similar purpose and passion in life. I first started writing with The Ladies Coach last year when I wrote a piece about “Is Social Media Ruining Your Relationship ?” and it was such an honour to collaborate with Christal and her team .  For those of you that don’t know , The Ladies Coach is a site that  is filled with tools and inspiration for you to make your relationships more powerful whether its professionally, intimately, personally or spiritually they bring the best of the BEST to help guide you!

When Christal Fuentes first Founded TLC, her intention was to change the meaning of what people normally think of when they hear “relationships.”

As a “Relationship Coach” it was really hard for her to get around the stereo type of what relationship coaching actually meant for people. A lot of people would shrug their shoulders thinking that she was no need for them since they weren’t in an “intimate relationship.”

That’s when she KNEW something had to be done!

Her mission is to help people (particularly women) understand just how important RELATIONSHIPS are to their life, and why this understanding aids to their overall fulfillment, passion and purpose!

This time round I wrote an article called 7 keys to finding true love and happiness and would love for you to check it out and let me know what you think?



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