Couples Telehealth Therapy: Benefits and How it Works

How important is it to understand the role technology plays in our health?

Between sudden schedule changes, drastic changes in our everyday norms, switching to remote work and learning, strained finances, and overall stress as the COVID-19 pandemic continues, everyone is feeling extra stressed.

All of these unexpected and unwanted challenges can compound with our personal struggles to make these already uncertain and unprecedented times even more challenging.

Everyone is struggling right now, and while you might be struggling as an individual, your relationships might also be affected by the current global events and social climate.

Nothing right now is easy, and we are all tired, but do not let your relationship disintegrate. More and more people are turning to telehealth therapy to stay sane and grounded in these trying times.

You may have heard of telehealth therapy for individual counseling, but there are more options available to you.

Explore the different types of telehealth, including couples therapy, to help maintain your relationships and not let the stress of the situation erode your connection to your favorite people.

What Is Telehealth?

Telehealth is a relatively new invention that was initially a response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Providers needed a way to see their patients still, but no in-person and telehealth was born. By using telehealth apps, patients can connect to their providers with a video or voice call and have therapy sessions remotely and safely.

Telehealth apps focus on security, ease of use, and even cooperate with hospice software, so your provider safely stores your sensitive information.

Most people think telehealth was initially intended for single person sessions, but there are other ways you can use telehealth technology to suit different situations.

Child therapists can take sessions with the child and their parents in the same session to get the best results from each session. Telehealth can also extend to relationship counseling or couples therapy.

Modern technology lets multiple people join the call if a couple is not in the same place, which is ideal for long-distance couples, or have the couple share one video feed if they are physically together.

Once you both connect with your therapist, the telehealth session proceeds like any other couples session with the content and direct being dependent on your unique issues.

Why Telehealth Is So Important Right Now?

You may think that you and your relationship is doing fine, but even if that is the case, therapy can always help make your relationship better.

There is no denying we are dealing with unfamiliar issues, and we are all under more stress than usual; even if you think your relationship is fine, these extreme situations have likely affected it.

Going to therapy, either for yourself or as a couple, isn’t always about fixing something wrong; it can also be about learning skills you can use later so that future issues don’t arise or are easier to handle.

You could also discover your relationship wasn’t as strong as you thought, or current events have taken a toll on your partner that you didn’t realize, but you now have a safe space to work through issues with professional guidance.

While we are all going through these stressful changes, it couldn’t hurt to see a couple’s therapist ensure your relationship is strong and learn skills to help you if or when issues arise.

Benefits Of Couples Telehealth Therapy

One of the main benefits of telehealth for couples therapy also extends to all of the telehealth therapy. You can have your telehealth session anywhere you feel comfortable since you don’t have to go into your providers’ office.

If you and your partner are both in the same space, you can agree on a comfortable location for the session, so no one feels awkward or uncomfortable.

This also works for long-distance couples where both people can be in comfortable places for the session with the therapist who is in their own comfortable location.

Being able to pick your own location gives you a home field advantage where you are not talking about intimate and personal issues in an unfamiliar space.

Being comfortable in a room can help people open up more during sessions and make more progress than if they were uneasy in the area.

One of the best things about couples therapy is the skills you learn in the process of going to sessions.

Communication skills are among the core tenets of a healthy relationship, and couples therapists teach couples how to talk to each other in a respectful but transparent way.

Sometimes your issues were nothing more than communication complications, and a couple’s therapist, even over telehealth, can help you learn to communicate in more effective manners.

Going to couples therapy is an intimate experience you share with your partner and can forge a stronger emotional bond.

Being willing to work on yourself to make the relationship better is a very personal step and a serious commitment to the other person.

This mutual vulnerability lets each person speak honestly while still considering the other person to get to the root of problems in a healthy way.

Being vulnerable to your partner and them reciprocating is a bonding experience that could make your relationship stronger.

Once the open and honest communication starts, you can also establish boundaries with your partner, which helps maintain respect between parents and avoid codependency issues.

You don’t need an issue in your relationship to go to couples therapy, as going through sessions can help you in the long run.

No one is ever perfect, and no relationship is perfect, so going to therapy to learn skills to keep your relationship healthy for years to come is a fantastic idea.

Therapy is not just for people or couples with issues that need solving right now; it is also for people who want to better themselves and their relationship.

We are dealing with stress than we are used to, which means that there has never been a more critical time to manage your mental and interpersonal health.

Couple’s telehealth therapy is convenient and a great way to improve your relationship.

Going to couples therapy through telehealth lets everyone be comfortable and sets the stage for good session progress.

Couples therapy is for all couples, and even if you don’t have any issues you want to solve, try to work on your relationship together in a safe and professional setting.

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