Dating 101 : Top things to watch out for on a first date!

Dating can be a rollercoaster of emotions and experiences. For some women, the goal may be to just have some fun on the weekend. For others, the goal may be to meet the man of their dreams. Whatever your reasons are, safety should be your top priority. There’s nothing wrong with exercising a little caution. So, whether you are new to dating or a veteran, check out the following list of things you should watch out for when meeting a guy for the first time.

Talk on the Phone

Even if it’s just to pick a location for the first date, talking on the phone with a guy can give you an initial impression about the way he communicates and how he listens to you. Make sure your words don’t fall on deaf ears. If he can respect you during a phone call, then there’s a good chance that he can respect you in person. But, if the conversation makes you feel hesitant in any way, then it’s probably best to wash your hair or develop a sudden headache instead of meeting up with him. If the conversation leaves you undecided, you can always Google him to see if anything pops up.

A Neutral Public Location

The first date should be at a public place where you feel comfortable and safe. Suggest dinner at a trendy restaurant or meet up for coffee at a busy café. If he’s trying to get you to come over for some ‘Netflix and chill’ or offering to bring some dinner to your place, it’s probably best to put an end to this encounter before it even begins if he’s not willing to meet in public. And, if he’s already asking to take you hiking alone in the woods, block his number.

Don’t Carpool To or From a Date

Despite a brief communication, a few swipes or likes, and a couple funny messages, you really don’t know this guy. It’s best to meet him at the restaurant or café instead of having him come pick you up at your house. Would you walk down the street and give strange, homeless men your address? No, you would not. Because, it wouldn’t be safe. That same cautiousness should be applied to meeting a guy for the first time. If he asks to pick you up or to take you home, politely decline. Tell him that you would feel more comfortable meeting at the agreed upon spot. If he pushes to carpool, then it’s time to start swiping Left or Right again.

Check in With a Friend

During the date, politely excuse yourself and tell him that you need to check in with your friend to let her know that you are safe. Keep an eye on how he reacts to this. If he acts offended or tries to talk you out of calling or texting her, then it’s time to end the date.

Attitude or Temper

If he shows up still raging over someone cutting him off on the way to the date, it’s definitely a red flag that this dude has a temper. Use whatever excuse you can come up with to exit the date and never look back.

How he Treats Others

If the guy doesn’t hold a door open for you, pull out your chair, or ask how you are doing, then he clearly lacks some manners. But, if he’s obnoxious and rude to the employees or other customers then it’s a clear sign that this date is over with because he obviously doesn’t respect others. This may lead to him not respecting you in the end.


There’s nothing worse than when a guy talks about himself the entire time. If you sense that the date is heading that way, promptly look for the nearest exit. A guy who’s only focused on himself, shows very little regard for you other than whatever he wants from you. People like this generally will continue to be self focused throughout the relationship.


Perhaps, the only thing to trump self-centered men, are those who can’t get over their ex-girlfriends. If he talks about his ex for more than a few minutes, then it’s clear he has some issues. Call a time out, throw a penalty flag or just tell him to get over his issues and leave. This is clearly an emotional individual who could still be in love with his ex. Until he resolves his emotions it’s probably best to move on for the time being.

Walk You to Your Car

It’s a nice gesture for a guy to walk you to your car. However, it’s a bit creepy if he insists on walking you to your car and won’t take ‘no’ for answer. It’s best to just end the date at the restaurant and leave before he does.


Dating is a fun and exciting experience, however it’s still important to stay safe at all times. By knowing what to watch out for you can enjoy your date and hopefully find your new Mr Right. Don’t ignore your sixth sense, it’s trying to tell you something. Are you prepared for your next date?


Sam Romero

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