The Dating Directory features on YouQueen Magazine!


We are excited to announce that The Dating Directory has been selected to be featured in the amazing lifestyle magazine YouQueen.  YouQueen is the perfect online magazine for any woman wanting to know more about life, love, health, beauty , travel and more.

There recent article “19 Dating and Relationship bloggers you must follow” had us in at number 15!

Check out our little feature below:

15 Renee Slansky

You in 7 descriptive words?

Passionate, Creative, Hopeless romantic, Kind, Inspiring, Game changer, Tea drinker

What is that “special touch” what makes your blog/work different/unique/authentic?

My blog aims to connect women to all the tools, advice, people and resources they need to find, build and cultivate healthy, happy and fulfilling relationships. Real talk with support, love and laughter. The Dating Directory is all about what it’s really like to do love and relationships in the 21st Century.

Exclusive tip, how to or recommendation for YouQueen readers: General first date advice? Absolute NO and absolute YES for girl to make great impression on first date?

Try to stay present and in the moment and not get carried away with what you want it to be. First dates need to be about having fun and getting to know someone. You shouldn’t be trying to figure out whether or not they will be your future husband! Relax and enjoy the moment, relationships are built over time, not in an instant.

Absolute NO: never talk about the ex and past relationships on a first date!
Absolute YES: Dress to impress! Wear something that makes you feel and look beautiful and confident.

YouQueen’s Question: By your opinion what would be 3 most important qualities for successful relationship?

Compatibility: This goes beyond just common interests; do you want the same things? Do you values, goals and morals align? Do you like each other as well as love each other? There’s no point marrying someone who you just want to change all the time. Fall in love with the reality not the potential …
Communication: Good effective communication is key to everything. Problems don’t just manifest out of nowhere, you need to not only talk, but listen to your partner.
Commitment: This means CHOOSING to stay committed to your promises, your words and your relationships daily regardless of how your feel.

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