Dating, Partner, Marriage – Different Stages of Relationships

What are the different stages of relationships ?

When you get into a relationship with somebody else , you tend to go through a number of different feelings.

You feel secure, you feel loved, you feel wanted, and you also feel important amongst many more. It is needless to say that every relationship passes through the dating stage.

In fact, if you closely analyze a situation wherein a person is in a relationship, you will notice that there are basically 5 different stages in a relationship.

These include attraction, dating, disappointment, stability, as well as commitment.

Going through these 5 stages will help you understand whether you and your partner are really destined to be with each other for the rest of your life.

Stages of a Relationship

Although there are 5 different stages in any relationship according to Dating Gurus, the duration of each stage is entirely dependent upon the couple.

You will come across several cases in which couples do not advance to the later stages at all. This is mainly due to emotional immaturity or incompatibility.

It is important for you to remember that each relationship is unique. Thus, pinpointing the various stages of a relationship by way of mouth will not be possible.

Here are the 5 stages of relationship described for you.

Attraction and Romance

This is the most common stage in all relationships. Every couple experience this stage and it generally occurs when you start knowing each other.

It is also the primary dating step to go through. Sometimes, you may hear people referring to this stage as the honeymoon stage or the fantasy phase simply because it seems to you that your partner seems to be perfect for you.

The duration of this stage may vary from one couple to another. However, it may range from a few months to even a couple of years.

Nonetheless, on an average the attraction and romance stage may last for around 3 months. Although this stage is full of fun, it may not be a sustainable one.

This is because there are many people who constantly change partners and prefer to stay in this stage. Some of the highlights of the attraction stage include:

  • Ignoring flaws and focusing on similarities.
  • Spending as much time as possible together.
  • Avoidance of conflicts.



Reality Begins

The second stage on any relationship basically starts to creep in gradually while you are in a relationship. However, sometimes it may happen all of a sudden.

Normally, this phase lasts for around 6 months or as long as a couple deems it fit to decide whether they wish to continue together or move on in life.

You will notice that this stage is also one of the most common stages when relationships usually end because one or both the people, involved in a relationship, decide that their decision of continuing together is wrong.

Nonetheless, if you can easily accept the flaws of your partner and vice versa, both of you can easily progress to the next level.

  • You begin noticing behaviors or flaws in your partner that you cannot accept at all.
  • Biology starts fighting against you.
  • The doubt of whether you are still in love crops up in your mind.



What begins as a dream in stage one and starts settling down as a reality in stage two, may soon turn into a major disappointment in this stage.

You will notice couples at this stage spending almost a year trying to cope up with each other in an effort to reach a place of stability.

If there is a healthy communication between the two of you with some positive progresses, you may soon move on to stage four.

Some common problems associated with this stage include:

  • Although you believe arguments are bad for each other, you still feel angry at your partner.
  • Sometimes, you may feel angry at your partner over trivial matters.
  • Due to lack of realization that conflicts can also be healthy, you start wondering whether your relationship has come to an end.
  • Without trust, ability to work as a team, and a strong communication, you will not be able to move on to the next stage.



Stage three is just like navigating through unstable waters. If you can successfully steer yourself past this stage, you will soon find yourself in stage four, which will be filled with enjoyment and mental peace.

On an average, couples spend around a couple of years feeling stable with each other before they finally progress to the final stage.

During this phase, it will be a good idea to spice up your normal day-to-day life to keep the spark between the both of you alive.

  • By the time you reach this stage, you will already have a history spending a long life together and being able to work things out between the two of you.
  • Although the fantasy of the first stage is gone by now, both of you have accepted this reality. Despite you having differences of opinions that lead to fights, you still love your partner and trust that both of you will be able to work through any future conflicts.
  • Due to the chase being over, life may seem a bit boring at times.
  • You will miss the feelings associated with stage one and start wondering of you can find the same feelings in someone else.




There are very few people who make it to the last stage of Commitment. This true even for married couples. If you reach this last stage, you have proved that both of you are indeed a team together who have successfully passed through the 5 stages of a relationship.

  • You have decided to live with your partner despite all the flaws in the person.
  • You do not miss the romance stage simply because that would result in being with a new person and this, probably, the last thing you will ever want.
  • You have seen a bright future for the two of you together.

If you understand the 5 stages of a relationship, it can actually help you understand about your own feelings and relationship with your partner.

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