Dating Profile Tips for Ladies: The Secrets to Success in the World of Online Dating

Dating Profile Tips for Ladies

Dating is always scary. Asking someone out, going on a blind date, deciding what to wear, where to go – it can all be nerve-wracking.

With the advent of technology, came online dating. Websites and applications allowed us to set up profiles and meet people after judging their profiles as well.

With the amount of single black people on these sites, it sounds like dating made an easy right?


Unfortunately, the answer’s no. Even with numerous dating sites online, it’s still possible to end up with no matches.

The problem isn’t you!

The problem is that online dating depends on specific algorithms. People either don’t put in the effort in their profiles or make a small error that reduces their profile’s effectiveness significantly.

If your online dating profile is leaving you a bit dry, follow these tips to improve your profile.


Simple Changes to Make ASAP

The following are small, simple tips that’ll make any dating profile much more attractive in a short amount of time.


  • Avoid clichés. Don’t drone on about how you’re not like other girls. Perhaps limit talking about your love of wine or rom-com. We don’t doubt it! It’s just that these are words used very commonly in women’s dating profiles and they don’t make a profile stand out.
  • Use confident language. Avoid using words like hope, wish, maybe. A person’s profile should sound like they’re a hundred percent sure of everything they have written.
  • Avoid negatives on dating profiles. Don’t write a list of turn-offs or unattractive qualities. Don’t talk about what you don’twant in a partner. Instead, write about favorable qualities. Positive terms are more likely to attract suitors to a profile.
  • Intrigue them. Write an exciting statement or upload an intriguing picture that’ll get people curious. You need to bait people into sending a message. Once they do, work your magic.


Dating Tips for a Plus Size Girl Dating


Dating as a plus-sized girl was never easy. Thankfully, times are changing. More and more women are being applauded, instead of criticized, for their bodies. Which means that online dating for plus women has also become easier. Follow these tips to succeed more in online dating:


  • Ignore the haters. It can be challenging to shut down the hardest critics. The ones in our own heads. It’s important to ignore these voices and remember that you are beautiful.
  • Unmatch and block anyone that shames your body on these websites. No one needs that kind of negativity in their life!
  • Be fearless. This is the most important tip. Be yourself and stop being afraid of getting rejected and take risks. The best profile is the most authentic one.

The Dangers of the Internet: Catfishing


A considerable disadvantage of the internet is anonymity. Anyone anywhere in the world can make a profile on a dating website and easily enter false information. Recently, a new phenomenon is on the rise known as ‘catfishing.’ Some people lie about their age, height, or hobby.

Catfishers go one step ahead. Using someone else’s photos, these people create a completely fake person who only exists online. They pretend to be this person and reel people in.

Fortunately, catfishing is common knowledge now. Thanks to this, people are much more careful about who they contact on online dating websites. One of the primary ways that people judge the authenticity of a profile is through its pictures.


Focus on Your Photo Gallery


The primary way people judge whether or not a profile is fake is by the pictures on it. A good tip is to have a nice range of images on a profile.

Make sure to have a picture of you with friends. This makes people feel more comfortable with a profile’s authenticity.

It’s also a good idea to have a picture of yourself doing something you enjoy. For example, playing a sport, or on vacation. This can also serve as a good conversation starter, giving you something to talk about.

Dating’s stressful, no matter what. Instead of being afraid, you should take advantage of the opportunities online dating brings. We know it can be tricky to find dates online.

But with busy schedules and so much to do, who has the time to go out and find someone? If you follow the tips we’ve laid out, you should have no problem finding dates online.



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