Dating Tips 101

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Sometimes , we all need a little help with the first date!

It’s Wednesday ladies, and we all know what that means, only two more days to plan our outfit, hair, make-up and practice our flirting moves before the big date on Friday night!

As we slowly enter into this glorious warmer summer weather it seems that the dating arena is taken to a whole new level!

After the winter hibernation or heartache and hot chocolate , it’s time to get back into the game , and here are some quick tips to get you started!

Going on  first Date:

  • Choose and outfit that makes you feel confident and beautiful. Remember the rules:
  • Tans are sliming
  • Heels are sexy but make sure you can walk in them
  • Shivering in the cold is not cool, take a jacket
  • When all else fails, wear black
  • Natural glam make-up works best
  • Dress to impress , it shows you love yourself and will give you sober confidence
  • Ask where you are going first before you choose an outfit, you can’t rock climb in high heels!
  • Paint your toenails, moisturise and wear deodorant!
  • Sometimes less isn’t more ( don’t dress skimpy, leave something to the imagination!)
  • Decide whether to keep it more on the casual side, aim for a venue that’s public, has atmosphere and good lighting.
  • Be yourself , have fun and try to enjoy the night for what it is instead of building up expectations.
  • Rules of garlic: if he eats it you have to eat it…bad breath must be mutual to cancel it out!
  • Have a glass of water in between drinks to maintain a clear head.
  • Try to only stick to two drinks.
  • Eat your food… a healthy appetite is more appealing.
  • Red wine gives you red lips…not in a nice way, try stick to white.
  • Carry some breath mints in your handbag.
  • Don’t text your girlfriends in front of him…that’s what bathrooms are for.
  • I’m old fashioned, but let him pay ( it shows that he has manners)

Whether dating is old news to you or you’ve just decided to step back into it, remember not all of them are going to be perfect, and if you get stuck with an awkward silence, just remember this…nothing is as awkward as some of the moments on The Bachelor ! Enjoy yourself ladies, don’t over think or over plan, be yourself and save your pearls for a man worthy of them!



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