Dating with a disability: How to date a woman who is handicapped

Can dating a handicapped woman work out? Not only yes, but definitely yes.

Perhaps you have wondered what types of handicaps women may experience. Understanding what the word “handicap” or “handicapped” actually means to the woman and her (potential) partner can lead towards happy and healthy relationships.

Start With The Heart:

We are human.

Human beings are not flawless, whether handicap issues exist or not. This is the first realization of acceptance that is imperative for opening minds, hearts and doors to loving experiences between people. Accepting that adjusting to any human experience and its constantly moving parts can help take the sting out of the unexpected. After all, life is a moving entity where any two experiences are rarely the same.

When dating or considering a relationship with a handicapped woman, a true gift would be to enter with an open mind. Seeing her handicap as a friend that has guided her toward amazing inner and outer strength will only strengthen her more. A strong woman will invite those in with whom she believes in, and who believe in her. The stronger she feels about herself, the more love she will have to offer you.

Potential dating partners are encouraged to notice she is a woman, not the handicap. She has heart, soul, tenacity, patience and so much more.

She also needs someone with the same inner qualities because she wants to love you for you and your flaws. If professional help, counseling, pastoral assistance or any other outside reputable relationship resource would help, seek it!

Type Of Handicaps A Woman May Face

So, what type of handicaps do women live with? This is a broad question with many answers. Mental and physical illness is not limited to one or two concerns. That is why it is important to at least touch the surface of such experiences for those who are not familiar.

Mental or emotional handicaps such as depressive disorders are very common among the female persuasion. Females are 40% more at risk for depression than males. So it is important for the woman and any potential partner to be transparent about how to care for this side of the relationship. Mental illness is often due to hormonal, abusive or circumstantial-life histories, like a death or traumatic change. That said, women are usually quite capable of having lasting and loving relationships regardless of why mental compromises occur.

Varying levels of physical illness or compromise also present specific challenges. Is she mobile or immobile? Is she in pain some of the time or all of the time? Does her physical handicap require special provisions such as a wheelchair? Try not to assess her personal needs or situation before you get to know her better. Slow and steady wins the relationship race.

Great Get-To-Know-Her Ideas

Dating a woman with any type of mental or physical handicap doesn’t have to be complicated. Don’t overthink it, but respect her needs. The more ease and curiosity placed on her heart, her interests and her connection with you the better.

Help her interest in you grow. She wants that special connection. If specialized transportation is necessary, research options prior to making any plans. Here are some other thoughtful ways to connect with her:

– Meet in a setting comfortable to her and just get to know her favorite things.
– Prepare her favorite meal accompanied by her favorite music and just relax.
– Nature’s lures : bring her flowers.

Take her to a lovely bistro by the beach. If a balcony or porch is available, set up a lovely table for two.

Serve bite-sized appetizers, a cold glass of iced tea or glass of wine and gaze into the sunset.

– If she has children, ask to attend a baseball game or music recital.
– Help her mind focus away from the handicap by encouraging her to feel alive through activities she can relate to.

Perfumes for women are lovely ways to show her you are interested in her joy. Wrap up a small box of various sample perfumes for women and present it as a way to say how wonderful you hope her day will be.
– Hold hands or just look into her eyes. You both will know if there will be another date!

Intimacy:To Have or Not To Have

If a dating-connection has been established for a comfortable period of time, it is only natural to consider more intimate steps. As with any relationship, intimacy is a very personal and delicate part of matters-of-the-heart. Mutual trust is crucial. Sexual attraction must be a mutually respected interest and carefully handled.

If sexual attraction is the only element desired by one or both, caution is suggested. If there are personal issues of intimacy to consider which may trigger unsafe feelings, consider this as an adjustment that needs more compassion and time. Otherwise, trusting instincts has worked for couples since the beginning of time. Trust yours.

Dating a woman with any type of handicap is a beautiful opportunity to visit. Remembering that each of you have your own special attributes, good and bad will help turn the so-called elephant in the room into a Cinderella story if given the chance.

Help each other be your best selves. Make each other the most important thing in your world. Living happily-ever-after with a loving handicapped woman can be the best thing you ever did.


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