Designing the Perfect Bedroom for Couples

Ultimately, who you choose to be in a relationship with and what you do in your bedroom is your business

Bedroom design, while it sounds incredibly straightforward, can still be a bit tricky. After all, you want the room to be very comfortable yet stylish, and not just a simple bed-plus-storage kind of space.

Let’s explore some design tips that can help you create a perfect oasis for the two of you, without it becoming too much or remaining too simple.

Think about the bed first

Since the bed will be the biggest item in the room, make sure you consider the model you would like to go for first.

Start with the size – are you going, king or queen? Can you even fit such a large bed into your bedroom?

Some couples choose to place the bed right next to the wall, meaning one person will have to jump over the other to get out of bed, while others like to leave space next to both sides. This is completely down to personal preference and the kinds of sleepers you are, as well as how much space you have at your disposal.

Then comes the mattress

The most important element of the room will be your mattress. After all, if it’s not comfortable enough and if you have trouble sleeping on it, you will not be able to appreciate your room as much (not to mention, you will also be sleep-deprived and grumpy).

Since there are two of you in this bed, make sure you find a mattress that actually fits both of you, instead of just compromising with a shrug and an “I don’t really care.” By the time you realize you do, you might already be sleeping poorly.

Look for the best memory foam mattress you can find, as it is likely it will fit both of you – all you have to think of is firmness and height.

Choose a color you both like

The colors on the walls need to be something both of you appreciate – so make sure you look at samples together and actually consider what the color will feel like on your walls.

Probably the best road to go down is something light and airy, soothing, and relaxing, as opposed to very vibrant color. You can save that for the living room.

Neutrals are a safe choice, and chances are you will both like the color too.

Don’t make it just about you

This one mostly speaks to the women in the relationship: while we understand that you want to make the room feel like your home, don’t fill it with trinkets and knick-knacks that are cute and lovely only to you. After all, your partner needs to spend a lot of time in there too, so don’t make it too feminine and girly.

Of course, you can add some feminine elements – just don’t drown the room in them, and make sure you’re both feeling comfy and at ease.

Choose artwork that speaks to you

We all know that hanging some art on the walls makes any space feel more put together and stylish. However, you shouldn’t just buy art for art’s sake – it should be a piece that evokes positive emotions in both of you.

Your bedroom can be a great place to hang some photos as well. These can be photos of the two of you together or photos from your childhoods – anything that makes you smile and brings some joy into space.

When choosing the color of your art, make sure you stay within the palette you have chosen for your room as well.

Closing thoughts

If this is your first time designing a room together, be prepared for some disagreements – after all, no matter how much you care for each other, you are not the same person and you will have different ideas.

Make sure you approach every disagreement calmly and talk everything through. And don’t just say either way works for you – this is a space you will inhabit for a good portion of your day, so making sure it suits you both is quite important.

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