Do couples who train together stay together?

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Do you even swole?

Whilst scrolling through your numerous fitness pages on Instagram you may have seen the typical model -like ripped muscly guy lifting up his equally lean female partner (who only wears fluro crop tops) with the “adorbs” saying of “couples who train together stay together”, followed by a list of hashtags of #squats #paleo and anything else that is now fashionable (and not necessarily relateable!)

Admit it, we can’t help but start to not only wish we had her 6 pack, fluro top (and man…) but we also start to wonder if it really is true that exercise is integral to a relationship?

Yes such posts on Instagram can inspire us but we must also understand that exercising with your partner is only part of making a relationship successful and that no amount of #proteinshakes and #squats can save a marriage if the foundations aren’t in place.

However doing sport or an activity together with your partner has numerous benefits that in turn can have a really positive effect on your relationship. So let’s take a look at 6 REASONS YOU SHOULD TRAIN TOGETHER:

1: It’s beneficial for your health

We all know that doing any sort of physical activity is good for your body inside and out! Training together with your man not only means that you can improve your physic but it also means you can have more quality of life.

This includes boosting your energy levels, increasing your stamina and improving the functions of all your organs, it also gives you clearer skin and shiner hair (which we all love)!

  2: It allows you to enjoy something together

 Sharing common interests in a relationship is just as important as having time alone. It allows you share and experience and create new and hopefully positive memories together.

This doesn’t have to be about spotting each other at the squat rack, even just choosing a sport you both like doing is still a great way to work out as partners.

3: It gives you a common goal to work towards

When you both have the same mindset and common goals you not only build unity but you also learn to encourage and build each other up more frequently.

Doing physical activities together with a purpose gives you both a sense of accomplishment and responsibility plus it gives you the opportunity to achieve greatness together.

4: It boosts you sex drive!

Without getting all tongue in cheek about an intimate subject, exercise really will help you in the bedroom. Being intimate regularly with your partner is integral to a relationship as it build a tighter emotional and spiritual bond.

We all know that you need some level of fitness to have satisfying intercourse (well it helps!) and by choosing to workout frequently you will also be boosting the right type of hormones that will put you both in the mood more often.

Plus to be honest you will both be feeling more confident about your bodies.

5: It allows you to spend quality time together

Quality time is so important in a relationship but who says it need to be a dinner date or watching a movie together? Why not change it up a bit and go do a gym session or ride a bike instead.

It gives you a chance to be send time in each other’s company whilst doing something positive and beneficial.

6: It builds unity and is a great stress relief

Well that is reason enough to want to do it! Working out as a couple means you can let go of any of the dramas and stress of the week together, plus it puts you both on mutual territory and forces you to work together even if you don’t feel like it.

So in conclusion there really is no reason why you shouldn’t start training with your man and I’m sure once you start you will find many more reasons not to stop !


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