Do you really need the wedding everyone else has?

It’s not always something borrow something blue .

Let us begin by first making it absolutely clear that if you wish for a traditional wedding, you should have one!

Tradition is often around for a reason, and that’s because it works, it’s memorable, and it’s going to allow you to enjoy great results.

Looking down on tradition at any cost is often uninformed opinion, and misunderstands the truth of why that tradition was formed in the first place.

You and your partner should feel justified in choosing any wedding you would like.

Going Against The Flow

Of course, sometimes you might not wish for this kind of wedding, as its commonality might leave you wanting a little more. Just because something is popular might not mean it’s right for you.

But you may not desire to be like those couples who get married in a McDonald’s restaurant or in the midst of accelerated skydiving.

That might be just a touch understandable. There is a middle ground, you know. A middle ground you should feel confident to suggest you truly want.

Provided you agree alongside your partner, you might consider these alternate arrangements:


Consider Your Entertainment Carefully

Many consider planning their wedding entertainment last. It’s not a bad idea in some cases. For example, you need to know what location you have confirmed before you can begin to consider the stage or setup requirements of an act you might wish to attend.

But it can also be worthwhile to consider your entertainment ahead of time, at least to see what your options are, and especially if you’re hoping for some unusual ideas.

Use the Alive Network for alternative wedding entertainment ideas, as they have the widest array of options available. When you know what wedding entertainment you have, you can be sure to plan the event around it, or practice your scheduling appropriately.

Then when in talks with a location, you might even be able to ensure they can support this before you book.


A Private Affair Keeps Things Intimate

We can often be pushed into allowing everyone attendance of our wedding if we’re not careful. This can lead to you stressing out. You might not want to invite your family who could be notorious for causing chaos, but neglecting to invite people might make it seem as though you dislike people.

And goodness knows the backlash you might receive if you opt not to invite children to the proceedings. But then again, this is your wedding.

You don’t have to feel forced in inviting people to your procession. In fact, you only need to invite those you feel most comfortable with having there.

Goodness knows how much stress and expense you might save by tailoring your invite list a little more closely.


The Ceremony Doesn’t Have To Be Grand

Might you even need a ceremony where everyone views you getting married? If you’re not particularly religious or hold no preference for church marriages, having it elsewhere could be appropriate.

Perhaps you simply want to get the legal marriage together in front of a judge, to do so in the cleanest possible sense.

Then you can focus on planning the true party, the one you might be focused on. Sometimes saving expense in some areas and putting it elsewhere can give you the experience you’re looking for.

Think outside the box

There’s nothing wrong with tradition, but with this advice, we hope you are afforded viable alternatives.


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