Do You Want To Find A Long Lost Love On TV?

What if you could have a second chance at love?

If you have ever had a holiday romance or lost contact with your high school sweetheart , or maybe had a brief love affair with someone special , but for whatever reason it could not continue ….then you will understand the saying of ” The One Who Got Away…”

Maybe you have been wondering lately what happened to them ? Are they married now? Do they think about you too?

Well as fate ( or LA tv producers ) would have it , you now have a chance to rekindle that flame and find the one that person and try and have your happy ending.

A major TV network in L.A is now casting for individuals who have fell for someone and never been able to finish what they started.

If this is you or your friend , then it’s time to take life by the horns and start making that fairytale a reality! After all we don’t meet anyone by chance.

To apply simply click this link!

Please note that ideally the show is casting for entrants who are based in the US but could have fallen for anyone from any country!

Click here to apply and good luck!



Originally posted 2019-05-20 19:38:32.

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