Does social media control your self worth?

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Social media : Friend or Foe?

Its’ a subject that is actually quite close to my heart and is something that really needs to be talked about. With the growing influence of social media and the internet on a daily basis , it;’s easy to become  not only addicted to those little hashtags but also controlled by what we see.

We live in a world where you can’t even eat your lunch without someone taking a picture of it , dissecting it’s ingredients and then telling you what is #healthy and what is not!

Gone are the days when people just use to look at us and think their opinions silently , now they are at full force on the keyboard typing exactly what they think and how we should live our lives!

This is no longer about sharing a harmless selfie and expecting a few little likes, but rather it has now become a competition between people who are constantly striving for that “instafame” and compromising their standards ( and dignity) in the process.

So let’s put a few things into perspective and look at a few ways that you can protect your self esteem and keep yourself in check when using social media:

It’s not a competition.

It’s hard not to sit there and stalk every other model on Instagram , Facebook or twitter and work out how you can gain more followers than her !

Let’ face it we are competitive by nature and all those glossy magazines and the internet aid in feeding the lie that our success is based off the amount of people who notice us .

Chasing your tail and constantly striving to keep up with a complete stranger or celebrity is not going to bring you peace or satisfaction and is downright exhausting.

You are unique in your own way and have something that only you can give , so shift you focus to the abilities, gifts and treasures YOU HAVE that are worth sharing with the world.

Comparison is a joy thief.

It’s one thing to look at fitness models for inspiration , it’s altogether another thing to be constantly comparing yourself to them in such a negative way that you end up hating your own body and suffer from low self esteem.

Sure it’s not something that happens over night, but rather from daily checking out their profiles we can become obsessed by what we see and start to  mentally and physically punish ourselves for not being like them.

I speak from experience when I say that it’s easy to get swept up in the fitness or fashion wave of trying to imitate another person so that we can feel better about ourselves.

So make a conscious effort to remember that everyone is different and worthy regardless of shape, size of the amount of ‘likes’.

It’s not even real .

There is no such thing as perfect; well maybe perfect lighting and a perfect filter but let’s not forget that what you see most likely has been photo-shopped, exaggerated or perhaps completely made up!

You can’t believe everything you see or read, and more importantly you can’t base your life off someone else’s.

Yes some people are incredibly successful or genetically blessed or perhaps they are darn good at make-up and have the motivation to exercise more than us, but this does not make them better than you , nor does it necessarily make them a good role model or person .

You have to remember that there is more behind the selfies and glamour than meets the eye and that what you see isn’t necessarily reality.

There is more to life.

Sadly most of us are addicted to our phone, tablets and anything else electronic because it gives us access to thousands of people , opportunities and resources around the world.

However we have to remember that we were all living pretty normal and happy lives BEFORE social media and can survive without it ( it’s true I swear!)

Whilst it has become a big marketing and self promoting tool for people’s careers we also must remember to find that healthy balance and keep the boundaries in place .

Your worth is not determined by the amount of followers , likes or pictures you take , so don’t beat yourself up if you haven’t reached you social media goal.

Try to take a break once in a while or perhaps detox from social media for a few hours a day and if you find yourself starting to get caught up in the hype or feeling bad about yourself then it’s time to switch it off and remind yourself of all the beauty you and YOU ALONE possess.



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