Does the age gap matter in relationships? #askRenee

Is age just a number?

In recent light of the Moldovian 28 year model Xenia deli falling pregnant to her 65 year old billionaire husband , it seemed fitting to ask the question.

Can one fall in love with someone who is substantially younger and older ? Well the answer is yes.  Whether their story is based on love or not is not for us to say …cough*

A 37 year age gap is not exactly common , and when you throw a lot of money and good looks in the mix it does make one question whether or not either of them had the initial right sort of intentions. But both look happy and who’s to say it can’t all work out.

But I will say this , large age gaps can affect a relationship and the level of compatibility . So naturally I decided to turn it all in a video , just in case you wanted some insightful and practical tips:

Does The Age Gap Matter? #askRenee

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