Event: The Lost Art Of Flirting

It’s time to learn the art of flirting!

What: Ladies event for women who need tips and strategies on how to flirt with men!

Who: Presented by The Social Collective 

When: 19/ 04/ 18 | 6pm-9pm

Where: Sydney CBD (Specific Location TBC)

How Much: $49

Tickets: https:

Terms & Conditions: https://www.thesocialcollective.com.au/copy-of-terms-and-conditions

Flirting is not as hard as you think

Picture this…Your eyes meet, he smiles, you smile back. He stands up and starts to walk over to you…
This is it, oh my god this is it, this is your chance to shine, it’s time to get flirty, it’s time to show him you’re interested…
He Says:
“Hi there”
You Reply:
“I’m great, thanks!, Wait… What? No crap!… I mean, errrm…
So, do you like bread?” *FACEPALM* Does that sound like you? Then boy do we have a talk for you.

Flirting! It’s not a dark art, I promise.Its actually something that you can learn and be very good at. The first step is knowing exactly what it is.

Flirting is all about knowing how to build real chemistry in your interactions with a guy. It’s about being playful, cheeky, charming, and fun, on your dates.

​It is about understanding how to effectively communicate your intentions, how to put yourself out there, and how to take the right risks in what you say and do.

Flirting is about knowing how powerful you really are when it comes to men and being the most desired women in the room.​

Let me ask you this, do you want to…

– Learn how to flirt with men?
– Know how to tell if he is flirting with you?
– Learn how to initiate the first kiss?
– Know how to avoid the dreaded friend zone?
– Learn how to be the woman he can’t stop thinking about?​

If you answered YES to any of these questions then you have landed on the right page. It’s time to get your flirt on!

Join us at our Signature Talk for a glass of wine and some nibbles while we explore the lost art of flirting in today’s modern dating world.


– What flirting is and why you MUST do it when dating
– Key mindsets for being playful, cheeky, charming and flirty
– 4 things you never knew about how men think
– Our 80/20 rule for building attraction over comfort
– How to build chemestry though conversation, and
– Why you must be touching every man you date (wink wink, nudge nudge)


– A glass of wine for your troubles
– A selection of chips and dips
– A chance to mingle with like minded women in the same boat as you


– ​A pen and paper and an open mind
– Your wine drinking hand

Click Here for Tickets: https://www.thesocialcollective.com.au/flirting 

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