The world of dating just got more exciting when apps for your phone also meant a link to your possible future husband! Meet the dating app called: Fancied.  Dating apps are a perfect way to make finding your perfect match easy, quick and portable. For the women who dread setting up an online profile or are time poor then this little gem is the key for you!

Easy to set up through your Facebook login (as society just assumes everyone has a FB profile!?) you can start building your profile by adding some pics and…that’s it . Yes it is actually all based off your photos, and whilst this may seem superficial it actually mimics real life to a point. Most of the time we initially want to engage with a man because we are attracted to him, and once we get to know there personality we decide whether or not we are interested . Some would say this rules out some of the good guys who may not take the best photo but have the best personality… well ladies we are all adults so keep your options open!


  • Whilst you sign in with Facebook, it doesn’t get posted on your wall…so you can be desperate and dateless without the world knowing #phew!
  • You will only be “matched” if the person you “like” likes you back, so no awkward turning a guy down moments!
  • Easy to use, quick and portable for when you are on the go.
  • Finds matches near your location so you don’t fall in love with someone in another state or country!
  • You can even pinpoint your exact location (thanks to Google maps) and find out who is near you (perfect for stalking?!)
  • The only men that can message you are your matches, and of course you can delete and block them at any time. Win!


  • You only get to write a sentence about yourself, so it really is based off all your photos which can be daunting for some, and by the looks of some of the guys’ photos ( ie: sunglasses on , 5 people in one pic , a wedding photo and the list of bad pics goes on….) they really have no chance!
  • Because this app is relatively new, the man database still needs time to grow, you can invite friends from Facebook to join, but let’s face it, we don’t want people know we are using it!
  • Is it for the serious or the serial daters? Who knows, the fact that it is all based of your looks could mean that perhaps people on it are only after one thing… and I don’t mean making good conversation.


Either way, check it out, have a giggle, find a match and go on a date. Enjoy!

Stars: 3.5/5

Originally posted 2015-08-11 10:12:45.