Finally a dating app that is actually about going on a date!

Imagine if dating apps were actually about dating

Because let’s face it, most of the time we spend all of our time and energy on them and go on very little dates.

Swiping has now become a normal part of our vocabulary and we all have a few cringe worthy stories to tell when it comes to meeting someone through an app.

We all thought that meeting Prince charming would be easier once we had access to him in the palm of our hand.

However, we seem to have more of a relationship with technology rather than said elusive Prince instead!

Whilst 1 in 3 relationships now start through an online dating platform, you have to stop ask yourself how is that even possible, when the majority of times we just seem to be flicking through profile after profile ?!

Insert We-Date. These guys’ kind of got sick of the whole process, and decided to take matters into their own hands.

The brand-new Aussie dating app approached me a few months ago and said they had built and app that is actually about dating. Say what?! A dating app that actually gets you on a date?

Seriously though, this is actually a foreign concept in the land of technology and love. So naturally I was all for it, because it meant that people who were using apps, were actually forced to commit to a date straight up, instead of building micro relationships through a screen.

That’s right, We-Date did the ground work and actually investigated what singles want when using a dating app…turns out we actually want to go on a date and not just swipe our love life away.

And so, they delivered. Launching last month We-Date now has over 1000 users and is currently scaling every week , the reason being is because their entire app works around the ACTION of COMMITING to and ACTUAL DATE.

What the video review 

Here’s how it works:

You choose a date or post a date from a variety if places and experiences to choose from. Whether it be coffee at a beach café or opera in the city, you choose your own magic.

Then they take it one step further, you also get to state who pays for the date . Be it him , you or dutch , it’s all out in the open and laid on the table , which saves the awkward conversation later on.

You either ask to go on one of the dates posted and wait to be “chosen” or you can choose the suitor who have showed interest in the date you have posted.  It is only after you have chosen who to date that you then get to start chatting.

It’s fabulous and here’s why…

The process of your date all starts with the actual type of date, rather than the person. This eliminates choice fatigue, FOMO on Prince charming and means that you can’t go all swipe happy.

There is a commitment to the date involved and laid out on the table, meaning an action is actually initiated and everything is transparent. No more living behind our screens, this time you will actually have to interact personally.

This for me, means it cancels out the ones who aren’t as serious when it comes to effort and commitment. Plus you get to actually have fun and experience something with someone new , which is what dating is about right?

It’s free to join and easy to use and there are some pretty cool new features in the works as well. Right now it’s only available in the major cities in Australia , but be prepared for a global take over and plenty of couples who will enjoy dating once again.

You can download here on IOS and start accepting or applying for dates as soon as your heart desires.

Seriously though, how often do I actually plug an app that much , unless I truly believe in it.

I will just say this , even if you are married or just wanting to find a new place to have your date night or hand out with some like minded friends, this app is perfect for that as well.



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