Find out why you aren’t getting any dates!


Single life can be liberating, free, and easy.

It’s an opportunity for self-enrichment and fulfilling activities which can  often get pushed aside when we’re in a relationship.

But it can also be a very lonely and trying time , especially when you’re hanging out with lots of couples.

Not all of us choose to be single, and there are plenty of us that would speed up single time if we could , not out of desperation but rather out of the hope of finding a true love.

Granted there are times when it just feels like you can’t get a date no matter what , who or where you try!

Blind Dates aren’t so bad after all !

You may think you’ve tried everything, from a spell to make someone fall in love with you to speed dating, but let’s not forget other ways that you can meet someone.

The thought of a blind date may fill you with horror, however, if you trust your matchmaker friend, what is there to be afraid of?

Have faith in friends who act as introducers as chances are you’ll have a lovely evening that could become the start of a relationship , a friendship or in the least a good adventure to laugh about later on.

Matchmaking sites are a plus!

Many people are wary of internet dating or sometimes overwhelmed by the endless amounts of suitors. Fortunately, there are plenty of matchmaking websites that are very highly regarded.

The difference between a matchmaker and a regular online dating sight ,is that they do the hard work for you !

A great relationship requires two people to be compatible and when there is a middle man who scours the databases to bring that most suitable person to you , well needless to say it saves a whole lot of time and emotion.

Get Social!

If fear is stopping you from even trying to meet new people, the chances are this will also become evident in your body language and may hinder people from wanting to approach you.

If you appear more relaxed and open when you’re out at a bar , cafe or social event, you may find that plenty of people are interested in finding out about how awesome you are!

Confidence and relaxation are hard to show when you don’t feel it, so put yourself in an environment or people that you feel safe and comfortable with.

It’s not just nervousness of new situations that can make someone appear unapproachable. If you’re naturally very shy and self-conscious, you can appear quite shut-down, which may give your suitors the wrong idea.

The best way to boosting your confidence is remembering what you have to offer and feeling good about yourself physically as well.

So whether you need to get a hair change , buy a sexy new dress or write a list of all your wonderful qualities , don’t be scared to celebrate who you are.

Body language is important!

Are you missing cues? When someone finds you attractive, they will probably turn their body more toward you, and will definitely be making eyes at you!

Don’t back away, or freak out , instead smile and acknowledge that you have seen them and are aware of their interest.

You don’t have to be the one to approach, but try not to turn your back or look in horror as they come toward you! Be open to that first smile and introduction, as you can always change your mind later if they aren’t suitable or compatible for you.


Getting a date is about being available and approachable, just because you’re single, it doesn’t mean that everybody knows that. Be open to new people, and give new dating opportunities a go. Most importantly, have fun!

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