First Date Deal Breakers to Avoid!


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There’s no doubt that first dates can be nerve wracking and most of the time it’s because we know a certain standard is expected, and also because we secretly hope that just maybe this will be the frog that turns into a Prince. However before you let your mind get carried away and start to overthink or over complicate the first meeting , here are 5 definite first date deal breakers that you or your new flame won’t be ready for:


First impressions count, and when you or your date turns up late without a reasonable excuse or some form of communication beforehand as to why they are late, it really isn’t going to set the right mood. To stop this from happening, make sure you take in to account delays that could occur such as bad traffic, slow public transport, meeting running overtime or anything else that you think could slow you down. A date that arrives on time indicates that they are making the person they are seeing a priority, it shows respect as well as good manners.


Granted we are all a little addicted to the convenience of what our phones can do for us; however, when you are on a date with someone, it should be kept out of sight! The focus should be on getting to know one another personally and organically, rather than updating statuses or checking social media. Make an effort not to text or take calls (unless they are completely necessary) during your date, as it shows that you value and esteem the time with the person in front of you.


Good manners really do go a long way, everything from saying please and thank you to simple acts of chivalry.  Listening attentively to your date and making eye contact also shows that you appreciate this meeting with them and want to pay your respects. Being old fashioned I believe that the man should always pay for the first date, simply because it is a romantic and generous gesture which makes the woman he’s with feel like she is someone special.


The first date should be fun and about getting to know each other casually, so save any heavy talks or discussions about previous relationships for a more appropriate time. Talking about past lovers on a first date usually leaves one person feeling uncomfortable, plus it’s not exactly a romantic mood setter.


When there is a mutual connection and chemistry the rules of intimacy tend to get thrown out the window on a first date! However before you start getting touchy feely with your date, make sure the feelings are reciprocated. Ladies, if a guy is in your personal space and you feel uncomfortable, then stand your ground and make sure you tell him. There is nothing romantic about being groped or touched inappropriately and there are no excuses for why it should happen.

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