Friday’s Dating Tip #TGIF


Friday’s Dating Tip

Well another working week has come to an end ( here in Australia)and it’s time to equip our mind and hearts for the weekend. Here is this week’s dating tip to keep you thinking and prepared :

 Today: To attract the right man you’ve always dreamed about , you must first  become the right woman you’ve always been destined to be.

There’s no point scouring the globe for Mr Perfect if we ourselves aren’t living up to our end of the bargain. Sometimes the fault doesn’t lie with the men we date but rather the habits and choices we make that affect these men.

Are you the best version of yourself? Are there things you may need to improve on or grow in before you enter into a new relationship. D

o you love yourself they way you are meant to so that when love comes along you can recognise it?

It’s always very humbling to do a self check in the mirror and ask where we can improve on in ourselves.  Set yourself up to attract the right man by first becoming the best woman you can be.

happy weekend lovers x


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