How To Get A Girl To Kiss You #oneforthemen

How to get a girl to kiss you?


I was recently going through the numerous love blogs which had at least one blog which talks about the various ways women can attract a man to kiss her. However, barely did I see the blogs that talked about the opposite. Men looking out for some assistance to have just come to the right spot and the answer is – YOU CANNOT MAKE A WOMAN KISS YOU.


How’s that even possible??

Yes, the truth is that women don’t kiss you, you have to kiss them but you can surely call for that moment when you can kiss her because she wants you to.

Now how will that happen?? By following the tips below.

Be the friend that she wants you to be

Being a friend would definitely mean that you’ll be there for her when she needs you. But, don’t do things that you get friend-zoned rather than being the lover that you want to. Be humorous and crack some jokes together, get to reach out and touch her because that’ll justify whether she likes you or not in that way.


Pull back sometimes

When you get something free of cost 24*7*365, the value gets lost somewhere. You obviously understand that and don’t intend to do anything such. Hence, it would be a great idea if you could pull back yourself from time to time (not when she needs you genuinely) in order to let her miss you and your presence around her. Don’t go absconding from the face of the earth, but trim down the number of hugs and kisses that you pass on without any thought.


Come close enough to get that touch

You know how casual it is to show someone something on the phone while coming close or while reading a book that interests you both. Take this time to come close feel her. Be tactful and don’t go for the obvious kill. Take it gently because the motive is to make her fall for you rather than you falling for her over and over again. Don’t reveal your purpose – not as of now.


Get some alone time and kiss her

You’ve seen that she is quite comfortable with your touch and is loving your company as well as those casual flirting moments. Go ahead, find some alone time and kiss her. Don’t ask her for it because you know that she would find an excuse. Go in for it and make sure she feels what you feel for her.


Get her in the mood

The mood is referred to the moment when you are preparing yourself to raise the bar of happiness whereas; she is busy fooling around, laughing or doing something crazy. Pull her close to you, play with her fingers, touch her in a way that understands what’s going to happen next, get her in the mood by making her feel the passion that running inside you and she’ll stop doing what she’s doing and get in the mood to kiss you.


Start will a peck on her cheek

You DO NOT have to come across as a desperate who are dying for love because that’s not what she’s prepared for. When you start to like a gentleman, you score a point there and you can expect a kiss back. So, why not place a small kiss or peck on her cheek? The tricky part is over and now you stand a chance to get a kiss from her as well. Now you got to watch how she reacts and if the same is positive, you can kiss her again.


Kisses will come flying now

This comes as the conclusion because when you know the war has been won, your woman will kiss you with or without reasons too.


How would you do it? Do let us know in the comments below.


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