How To Get A Guy To Kiss You

It’s that time in your relationship which immediately takes it one step further. Whether you have dated him for 5 minutes or 5 weeks, looking forward to that important kiss is definitely nerve wracking.

Here’s the truth, it is as nerve wracking for him as it is for you.

Regarding how to get a guy to kiss you, no matter where you are in the relationship, you have to set the game in a way that he can do it without the risk of being rejected. Here’s how to get him to kiss you.

  • Ask him when he is going to kiss you.

If you go out with him on a few dates, then you already know that he’s interested, or else he wouldn’t be there with you. If he has yet to make the move, perhaps he is shy.

Just ask him, “So, when are you going to kiss me?” It’ll show him that you are interested, and if he is interested, he will most likely laugh it off with relief and then make the move.

If he does not, then you know where you stand and can finally stop waiting for this guy to make his move.

  • Look at his lips.

It is a subtle nonverbal signal that will hardly go unnoticed. Although he does not consciously realize that he is doing it, it is a sign that he’ll subconsciously get.

This particular subconscious signal is going to send him a message that not only you like looking at his lips, but you would also enjoy experiencing them up close and personal.

  • Break the touch barrier.

This is the age-old, “dusting the fake lint off his shoulder” technique but it still works every time. Whenever you want to get a little closer to him and he still has not made any move, just make it yourself.

  • Draw his attention to your lips.

You do not only want to let him know that you notice his lips, you also want him to notice your lips.

A bright lipstick can do the trick, but so will some cleverly placed nonverbal cues. If he says something shocking, put your hand over your mouth while laughing.

Or when he asks a thoughtful question, putting your finger as you pretend that you are thinking of the answer can draw his attention. These will give him the message that this is where you want to be touched.

  • Linger.

Men are not dumb. They know there’s a certain point after the date when a certain action is expected.

If he doesn’t make any move yet, either he is not interested or you don’t give him enough interest signals.

Linger after the date and find out what happens. He’ll know what you’re waiting for him to fill up that awkward moment.

  • Minimize the distance needed for him to kiss you.

As suggested by Cosmopolitan magazine, start with the “hug & hold” technique. This just sounds like linger move.

Once you reduce the physical distance between you and him, it takes some pressure off him. Just say, “I’m a hugger!” then give him a hug after the date if it is your first date.

But hold for couple minutes, then look into his eyes and let him know that you had a great time. He will know what you want.


When it comes to kissing, he does want to do it as much as you do, but he won’t take the step if there’s a risk of humiliation or rejection. But, you can make this easier by setting the cues just right that give him nothing but green lights to go for it.

But, if you set the scenario just right and he still doesn’t go for it, the chances are sad, he doesn’t want to. If that is the case, do not push the scene yourself, or you’ll be the one finding yourself feeling humiliated and rejected.

Know your guy and set the cues, then you shouldn’t have any trouble getting him to kiss you. And these are just a few tips on how to get a guy to kiss you, I hope you will have a great kisses.


Author Bio: Katie Smith is the enthusiastic and creative person who loves writing about love relationship and lifestyle on Reviewmoon.

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