How to bring the spark back in your marriage



Hi ladies! Firstly I must apologise for the delay in between posts, as I have been flat out running a business, building a career, being a friend, mentor ,ambassador ,crazy person etc….the list goes on for us women!

We’ve all been through little rough patches with our man; I don’t necessarily mean fighting, but rather the opposite, where we become complacent. You carry on through each day with the same routine, same job, same children (joking!) and we start to get very comfortable.

Romance gets put on the back burner, intimacy loses priority and before you know it a void has started to form between the two of you. Sex can become an obligation rather than an act of joy and the distance starts to become filled with resentment, silence, loneliness or worse of all indifference.

Well it’s time to put the fire back in your relationship; it’s time to fall in love all over again with your man (yes its possible!)

Butterflies aren’t just for teenagers; a couple should never stop ‘dating’ one another for the rest of their lives together, be it 4 or 40 years!

A healthy and happy relationship starts when you make the decision to never stop working on it.

So here’s a few tips to get you on your way to giggling like a school girl again over your man:

• Organise a date night once a week and stick to it (without the kids!)
• Look after your appearance, learn to love yourself. Exercise, shave your legs, wax etc.
• Get a facial, colour your hair, do something that makes you feel beautiful and desirable.
• Focus on his good points, say them out loud and meditate daily on them, put aside any negative thoughts.
• Say positive and endearing things to him even if its once a day.
• Send him a flirty text or email during the day when he least expects it (it’s called verbal foreplay)
• Kiss more!
• Wear sexy lingerie, guys are visual creatures (indulge him a little even if you don’t have a thigh gap! )
• Keep the romance spontaneous.
• Go away on a holiday … they’re cheaper and quicker than divorces!
• Seduce him! Sounds crazy but try it anyway you’d be surprised.
• Try to be intimate at least once a week; it’ll bring you closer together.

It’s never too late to start trying, water the romance instead of the plants for once !Xx



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