How To Go From The Chaser , To Being Chased!

No one wants you to chase a man, not even a man! There is a difference between reciprocating and downright putting in way more effort that you end up becoming the hunter instead of the hunted.

Now when I talk about chasing and hunting, I am not being derogatory to anyone. I am simple stating what is a scientific fact: that men are indeed more inclined to seek prey rather than become prey.

The whole thrill of dating is having a man PURSUE YOU and make you feel valued and wanted.

It’s what makes us attracted to him, simply because he has his attention and efforts fixed on us. It’s the way it’s meant to be and it’s actually how it should continue to be (with a few slight adjustments) even after he already has you.

But somewhere along the way we seem to get the roles mixed up.

He starts chasing us, and then we end up chasing him?!

It’s not exactly how we envision it to go in our head and when we can see it happen we try even harder to make it right…but oh it all just seems to go pear shaped after that!

So here are the key steps to making sure that he stays pursuing you …

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1: Pursue Your purpose  


Get to know you and what you want to contribute to this world. Stop making him and the relationship with any man your soul focus. Even after you are married to your dream prince, you still have to have your purpose and life outside of him.


2: Don’t be so darn available


Let’s be honest, if you were active in building good friendships, life skills, pursuing your purpose, refining your health and dating yourself, then you wouldn’t be able to give him time all the time. Does your lifestyle reflect a busy, whole purposed filled woman who has rescued herself?


3: Learn his language

If you want to know what drives him crazy for you, then get to understand how a man’s mind works.  No point just taking a wild guess and then being sorely disappointed when he runs a mile!  Educate yourself on our differences and then use that knowledge to seduce him (sorry lads!)


FREE GUIDE : The 9 Types Of Women That Make Men Run


4: Become damn irresistible


You are something wonderful, but do you know it? Does he know it? Does the world? It’s time to step up into all that you are and hit all that self-sabotaging and baggage on the head.


5: Choose you response EVERY.SINGLE.TIME


Men will test you, even the good ones. Or they will have their doubts at time simply because they are human unlike us goddesses (Jokes! We are mere mortals too!)

Your reaction to his actions will give him, you and the progression of the relationship direction every single time.

Not going to lie, there are things we can do that will turn him off, and things we can do that will make him crave us even more.

It’s about knowing what those things, words and actions are and when and where to use them in each instance.  So really you have two options …keep trying to find out this knowledge by trial and error …or just get the blueprint for it here.




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