Here is where all the good men are hiding …

I often get asked where all the good men are …as if it’s this secret location that I have the geo location for?!

The image of buff well-dressed men with good hair hiding in a cave playing cards does come to mind! And I can just imagine them discussing who they will choose to release on the 1st Sunday of every month!

Sometimes it feels that way, like literally they must all be secretly hovering in the bushes somewhere, watching as we helplessly search for them.

Finding a good man isn’t an Easter egg hunt and it shouldn’t be a matter of going on every single dating app to seek them out.

Truth is there are good men everywhere, you just can’t recognise them. OR you are scaring them away because you haven’t dealt with your own little gremlins. #ouch

I have had clients tell me that they think they need to move cities to find a man. Look this could be true, but in most cases, it’s not. They just aren’t aware what a good man looks like and what it takes to attract and find him.

That’s right ladies, he ain’t just going to manifest out of nowhere without us putting in some effort!

We know that if a guy likes us, he demonstrates this by putting in effort. But his willingness to put in effort does not give us permission to put in none at all.

To catch a fish, you can’t just have bait, you actually have to do the act of fishing as well.

Now clearly, I don’t want you all going around with fishing rods trying to catch ANY man. I want you to enjoy life as a single and have habits, decisions and actions that ATTRACT the man fish towards you …men are the hunters remember, we are the gatherers.

So here is what you need to do:

1: Make yourself the best bait possible


This is about becoming the most desirable and awesome woman possible. Ironing out your flaws and stepping into all that you can be. If you want to catch a king then you need to be a queen.


2: Learn where you need to fish


Again, not about desperately looking for men, but being able to recognise where he might be and what he looks like.


3: Learn how to fish


Get to know how men work, what they want and how to drive him crazy for you!




4:  Catch your fish and keep him from slipping through your hands


You don’t want him to want to jump back into the water. You want to know that this man is into you and wants to keep chasing you.  And in order to do that you have to master the Man Magnet steps.


PS: Obviously men aren’t really fish and I don’t mean that term in a disrespectful way  #forthehaters #chillout



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