Help ! Everyone is getting engaged but I’m still single!!


Sometimes it feels like EVERYONE is getting married…but you.

Is it just me or does it seem like once one couple announces they are getting married it catches on and becomes contagious like a crazed fashion trend (or the common cold ) and boom before you know it you’re the only non engaged person you know!

Perhaps you have been through this season or are going through it now but it’s definitely something that is inevitable as we get older and everyone starts to settle down….only thing is they all seem to do it at once!

When you are a singleton waiting for your Mr Right it can sometimes be a bit overwhelming when all you friends (and even strangers) start to do the things that you long for yet feel are so far off.

Well before you resign yourself to a life of knitting magazines or a nunnery let’s take a look at some gentle reminders why being a bridesmaid and not a bride is actually more than ok:

Don’t panic you won’t die alone!

Contrary to what you may think at times, being single now doesn’t mean you will be single for the rest of your life!

Don’t allow your imagination or emotions to run away with you just because you aren’t where you thought you’d be in the timeframe that you wanted.

Someone else’s relationship status should not define your own, everyone is on their own journey and relationships are a lot of hard work, so don’t start wishing your life away. Learn to enjoy where you are at by focusing on what you do have and not what is absent; your time will come.

Don’t compare, you’re still a catch.

It’s easy to start comparing your own self esteem and journey to everyone else especially when they are doing what you want to do. But comparison is a joy thief and the moment we start making other people‘s life the benchmark for our own we tend to lose perspective on the situation.

Being single doesn’t mean you are a failure, disease ridden, unattractive or unwanted; in fact what it means is that the time is not right for a man to be in your life. Stop basing your own present state and future to come off the circumstances happening around you involving other people.

Don’t settle, the right one is worth the wait.

The thing is marriage is a lifetime commitment and goes past that one special dream day. Don’t forget the reality of that promise and what’s actually involved; you want to be sure you’re saying “I do” to the right man not just any old groom.

It’s easy to get into the mindset that we are running out of time and therefore must find a half decent man just so we aren’t unwed by a certain age, which is really ridiculous! It’s not a race or a competition and settling just for the sake so you can tick a box is not a good recipe for a lasting marriage.

Whether you believe it or not your time will come, but forcing it or settling should never be options just so you can join the “smug married couple club” (no offense to married ppl). Enjoy this season of singleness by celebrating what a capable, independent and desirable woman you are everyday and remind yourself that at the right time with the right man you’ll have your turn as well.



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