Here are the top 5 questions you should ask on a first date.

Stuck on what to ask on a first date?

Want to know what to ask on a first date and what questions to ask a guy on a first date? In this video, I give the 5 best first date questions to ask someone.

You will know exactly the 5 questions you should ask on a first date so that you can work out if they are on the same page as you and if you should go on a second date.

Ask them this on a first date and you will keep the conversation flowing and also work out a little more who they are!

What to ask on a first date | What questions to ask on a first date .

Truth is you should be using the first date to your advantage to really start to work out if you should even have a second date with someone.

A lot of the time we assume that we have to waist till the 6th  or 10th date before we work out if the person is on the same page as us.

Whilst it is important to get to know someone over time and make sure they are consistent , you can actually speed up the process by being strategic in asking them specific questions even on the first date.

So here they are:

1: Do you like your job?

This might seem basic , but considering that we spend the majority of our day and life at work , it’s pretty important that we like it . Especially for men, because them having a strong sense of security and purpose will have a huge impact on whether or not they are ready to commit to a relationship.

Plus you don’t want to start falling for someone who feels lost , resentful or miserable when it comes to their daily grind.

2: Are you close to your family?

Family has a big influence on the way we do love and life. Especially the relationship with out parents . Whilst not all people who have dysfunctional family relationships mean they aren’t ready for love , but it is something to be mindful of.

Listen to how they speak about their family , is their bitterness or grace there in their tone and words? Are they close or does it all sound toxic and strained?

3: Do you like to travel?

In this day and age , travel is an easy thing to do. Whilst it isn’t on the bucket list for everyone it can give you a good insight into their plans and need for adventure and culture. I have also found that travel makes people more flexible and open to new experiences .

On the flip side if they are planning on travelling for the next 6 months or are on a mission to always be away it could mean they aren’t ready to settle down.

4: Do you have lots of friends?

This question will help you better understand their values and their social life patterns . If they are someone who always goes out EVERY weekend and NEEDS their BOYS time , well that could be a few red flags right there!

From my own personal and professional experience , dating someone who has apt and healthy social skills and friendships mean that you will have a more balanced relationship.

5: Do you like animals? ? Have any pets?

People who hate animals or are cruel to them , often have issues. And that’s not me speaking , that is a scientific fact .  Plus if they know how to nurture , be kind and look after a little fur ball life , they will most likely be able to bring those traits or at least relate to them in a human relationship.

Of course it’s important to get to know someone over time , and the best ways to get to know their character and intentions is to look at what they are consistent in.


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