Here’s how to predict if your relationship will last .

How long do relationships last?

There is no definite answer. Some say true love is eternal, others believe that it fades after three years. Nobody knows what will happen in the future, but you certainly can tell whether you and your partner are moving in the right direction.

So what are the signs your relationship will last? Keep reading!

You share life goals


When we’re in love, we think that our beloved is a perfect match. However, the reality is that sometimes people are just different. You both might be great characters and you might be willing to keep this relationship going, but it won’t work if you see your future differently.

So how to know if your relationship will last?

Just talk to your dear about your future plans and goals. You both should discuss such important things as marriage, kids, career plans, and even location. Maybe your partner wants to become a freelancer and move to Bali. You certainly don’t want to miss this information.


You talk about everything and fully trust each other


Besides life goals, how to tell if a relationship will last? If you are sure you can tell your partner literally everything without being judged and they feel the same way, you’re doing good. You should trust your partner and feel safe in this relationship.

It is unlikely that a couple will stay together for a long time if they constantly feel suspicious about one another or if they can’t be sure that the other person won’t let them down. Trust is one of the most critical signs your relationship will last.


You can find a compromise


No relationship is perfect.  Every person is unique, and it is absolutely normal to have disagreements with your partner from time to time. The key is being able to compromise.

So if you know how to meet in the middle, it’s another sign that your relationship will last. At the same time, none of you should sacrifice one’s personality to please the other because it’s a sure way to become miserable.


You can both admit when you’re wrong


If you ask yourself “will my relationship last?”, reflect on the way you handle fights. Some people won’t admit they are wrong even if they know it. If both of you can say you are sorry when you screwed up, you have all chances to stay together.

All people make mistakes and do stupid things, and arguments are inevitable. As long as you both stay self-aware and willing to apologize when it is necessary, everything will be fine.


You can be your true self when you’re together


Let’s face it, when we meet someone new, we do our best to look perfect and say all the right things. However, this conscious effort can’t last forever. The more time people spend together, the more comfortable they feel around one another, well, at least that’s the way it should be.

So if you keep wondering “will my relationship last?”, ask yourself whether you still feel the pressure to pretend. In a healthy relationship, people love and accept each other no matter what.


You know your partner’s needs


When trying to find out “how long will my relationship last?”, ask yourself to what extent you can predict your partner’s needs. This aspect includes lots of different things, from knowing how much sugar to put in their coffee from being able to make them feel loved.

Some people value words, others appreciate small gestures. If you can communicate your feelings in a way that your beloved recognizes that, your couple has the future.


You spend quality time together


Your couple is more likely to last if you are close both physically and emotionally. This includes a happy sex life and other aspects of physical intimacy like hugging and kissing. Whereas sex is extremely important, it’s not everything, so you want to make sure that you experience positive emotions together. If you laugh a lot and enjoy each other’s company, you’ll be able to overcome difficulties in the future.

Love is a beautiful feeling, but relationship is a hard work. Hopefully, this post helped you find the answer to “will my relationship last?” question.


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