Here’s what to do when life is overwhelming you.


We all have those days when we feel like that we can’t cope anymore…

Most of the time it’s because of a gradual build-up of pressure , emotions, thoughts or a series of events.

It’s like we hit a point where everything just seems to big and too hard to handle , whereby goals seem un-achievable or battles seem unending and that’s when we have the desire to just give up.

It’s the feeling of hopelessness that hits us, it disables us from thinking we can move forward and beat our demons. For some people their instant reaction may be to scream and yell and get angry, whilst for others it may be just to crawl into bed sleep.

Two very different reactions but both are clear signs that help and peace are needed in your life.

It’s important not to underestimate the feelings of depression or defeat, because both can have serious control over your present and future. So here’s a few tips to get back on top and claim victory over the hard times.

1: Stop beating yourself up

When the expectations we place on ourselves are too high, we can lose perspective and start to cultivate a self-condemning attitude.

Having goals and ambitions is an important part of self-growth, however it is equally important to understand where your limits need to be and what a healthy self-love looks like.

When we live in guilt of not achieving something or being at a certain level, a negative self-loathing attitude will start to form. Cut yourself some slack, start acknowledging everything you have done, instead of focusing everything you can’t or haven’t done yet.

2: Breathe and just sit awhile

Most of the time, the reason why everything feels so overwhelming is because we are trying to do too much at the same time. Make sure that you take the time daily to just stop and literally smell the roses.

You are in control of the pace of your life , so try and train yourself to appreciate small moments of beauty, and set time aside to actually relax ( without any phones or technology preferably).

3: Do some exercise

Doing exercise regularly will not only help lower your stress levels but it will also raise your energy, your endorphins and clear your mind.

Even if it’s just going for a walk every night to take in some fresh air and fresh thoughts, it’s amazing how quickly and effectively exercise will work to help you feel like you can accomplish what is in front of you.

4: Talk to someone

A wise person once said “a problem shared is a problem halved”, by talking to someone  whether it be a friends, family member or professional you can get all those thoughts and feelings out of your head and hopefully gain some perspective.

We aren’t meant to keep everything bottled up inside, and by learning to open up to the right people (not oversharing on Facebook) you will give yourself an outlet and even the chance to gain some advice and practical help.

5: Write a list

If you aren’t someone who feels comfortable talking a lot about your problems then write them down on a piece of paper , this will give you a clear idea of what the real issues are so that you can start working on some solutions.

Make a to-do-list each week so that you can stay on track of tasks. Set yourself some new, realistic and achievable goals and then break down each step it will take to get there.

The best way to get on top of things is to develop a new mentality of positivity, perspective and practicality.

Look at what you can do right now , instead of worrying about what you want to achieve in the future , because it’s the choices and actions we make in the present which will ultimately help us get to where we want in the future.

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