Here’s why you need to stop apologizing for wanting a man

Being single is not always ideal. It can leave us feeling lonely and longing for something more. Yet we feel guilty or ashamed to admit that we want a man. Here is why you need to stop guilt tripping yourself or denying your heart and start embracing this normal feeling :

1: You are allowed to want companionship, we aren’t created to be alone.

The thing is the desire to be with someone, is there for a reason. If you were meant to spend life alone , then you would be the only person on the earth.

And whilst you may have great friendships and family in your life, sharing a loving relationship with someone is something completely different. OK it’s important to be happy , and yes we need to learn to be content with being single, however, life is better when it’s shared with the right person.

The problem is most of the time we share it with just anyone for the sake of having someone, and then wonder why we still feel unfulfilled or lonely.

2: Being with a man does not make you any less of a strong or independent woman.

Society would have us believe that if we admit we need something , then it’s because we are weak. This is just not true. It’s normal to crave a loving relationship , and understanding that is a sign of strength and a healthy mindset.

Having a partner does not take away from your strength if they are right for you . In fact a healthy relationship will mean the two of you will be stronger together than apart . There will be some loss of independence, but this will be replaced with “interdependence” , meaning you will be able to rely on each other and work well as a team.

3: You may not need a man, but you are allowed to want one.

By now we should all know the difference between wanting a man and needing one. Sure we don’t need a man to complete our happiness or life, but far out we would sure like one!

And that’s just the thing, there is nothing wrong with admitting that we want to be loved and give love . That we desire to be romanced and do all those silly couply things.

Single woman feel this pressure to show that they don’t care they are single, or that they should just accept their status. But there is a huge part of their life that is still missing and yet to be fulfilled.  And admitting that does not make you desperate or weak. You are simply owning a normal human desire that is in everyone.

The important thing to remember is that we can’t let our “want” take over our standards or emotions. We still need to be conscious of who and why we are dating.



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