Here’s why reading could help you find Mr Right.


In case you missed it , today was World Book Day ( 23rd April) . Now we all love to toss back a great book ( along with a cosy glass of wine) but what if I told you there were certain books that you could read that men found more attractive?

Sounds too easy right? Well thanks to our friends at eHarmony , we found out just exactly how reading and dating affect one another and if there is a romantic benefit in a spot of page turning.

According to eHarmony’s new research, women prefer a well-read man. Specifically, men who listed reading as a hobby in their profile receive almost 20 percent (17.1%) more messages.

Interesting enough men didn’t say so much if they preferred a literally woman or not , however there are definitely certain books that will catch his attention more so :

These are the most ‘attractive’ books women can read to encourage more communication requests from their online love interests:

· “Scar Tissue” by Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman Anthony Kiedis
· “The Hunger Games” series by Suzanne Collins
· “Game of Thrones” series by George R.R. Martin
· “Harry Potter” series by J.K. Rowling
· “Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austen
· “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” by Stieg Larrson

So what exactly are the benefits of dating a man who loves a novel?

Bagging a bookwork boyfriend has a plethora of additional benefits beyond common interest too, since men who read were found to:
· Be significantly more intellectually curious – meaning they value learning in their lives and pursuing more intellectually stimulating activities.
· Have greater ease forming open and trusting relationships with others
· Value monogamy more than non-readers
· Be significantly more witty and clever than non-readers.

Luckily, 53 percent of men reported they enjoy reading, so there’s plenty of literary lovers to go around.

And just to make sure we asked eHarmony Australia’s managing director Nicole McInnes the real questions we all want to know :

  1. How more likely is a man to connect with a woman who prefers reading as a hobby?

“While our research found that over half of both men (53%) and women (55%) have a love for reading, it is women who prefer a well-read partner.

Men appear to not place as much of an emphasis on meeting a well-read woman, and may even prefer otherwise. Women who listed reading as a hobby in their online profile didn’t see the same spike in online messages, receiving an average seven percent less communications than their non-reading counterparts. So, Aussie men are either really deep by prioritising more meaningful traits or really simple – I’ll let you draw your own conclusions there.”

Hmm I’m going to say find a man who can appreciate that you love to read and also likes to dabble in it himself…but don’t rule him out just because he doesn’t indulge in it as much as you.


   2. According to your statistics is reading as a hobby more prominent in a certain age bracket?

It is great to see 52 per cent of our database ranging between the ages of 18 to 50 embracing a curl up session over a good book, but there are differences by age with females over 65 being the biggest readers and males 18-24 being the least likely to be book lovers. The differential across the age brackets is only 15% with the tendency of becoming a reader increasing by about 2-5% every 10 years of age.

Interestingly, both men and women have the same taste in books with the Harry Potter and Game of Thrones series making the top ten across both genders. Additionally, there is hope for the single Aussie male yet, with him more likely to message females that have Pride & Prejudice on their fave books list! – a great first date conversation starter!

Yes!!! A man who loves Pride and Prejudice is man with a good head on his shoulders.


    3. Do you believe that a book can tell a lot about a person’s potential as a date?

Yes! Women have got the right idea in selecting singles that cite reading as a hobby, as it is indicative of personality traits that are high on singles’ lists. These traits are true of women too, so if you want someone who scores higher than the norm on intellectual curious, wit and intelligence, and finds it easy to form trusting relationships; then book lovers are your best bet.  

Well there you have it ladies, you now know another important key factor to look for on his dating profile.


     4. Do you think men are more attracted to women who read in general?

It’s actually the other way around with men who listed reading as a hobby in their eHarmony profile receiving almost 20 percent (17.1%) more messages from women than the average.


That said, it’s possible that when they look for love online, men aren’t as focused on finding someone with a shared affinity – in this case a love of reading – compared to deeper dimensions of compatibility such as conflict resolution, temperament and values. However, this isn’t saying men don’t swoon over women who enjoy a good book.

Based on our insights from millions of single people on our database, women who have a love for reading tend to have greater ease forming open and trusting relationships with others.

So in conclusion ladies, if the man likes to read he will probably appreciate a reader. Let’s not forget that we need to look beyond the physical appearance and also prioritise compatibility .

In the meantime , now might be a good time to start that book you have been meaning to read.




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