Here’s why you shouldn’t boycott Valentine’s Day

It’s that time of the year again. The teddy bears, roses and heart shaped chocolates have started to line the shops windows. Whilst some may roll their eyes at the “Hallmark Holiday” it’s time to re think about why you should celebrate Valentine’s day , and here’s 5 reasons to get you started:

1: It’s a chance to impress your partner or date

We all know that you shouldn’t need an excuse to romance your partner. But let’s face it, it’s easy to get into a routine or just be so busy that neither of you have time (or forget to!). Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to set some time aside to do something nice for one another. Sure, it’s a planned, annual occasion, but look at it more as just an opportunity to really express your love for each other. Relationships thrive when we make the person we are with feel valued and appreciated, and V-Day is an easy time of the year to do this.

2: It reminds us of why we should celebrate love

Even if you aren’t a romantic person, it’s still nice to see the world go out of their way to celebrate love. The 14th of Feb is a day to remind us that love is something we should be attentive to and joyful about. Sure, businesses may have capitalised on this, but if we strip back all the advertising and red hearts everywhere, the bottom message still remains the same, and that is what we should be focusing on: That love is worth celebrating.

3: It gives us a reason to ask someone out

No one really wants to be single on Valentine’s Day, so the probability of finding a date on that day is actually a lot higher! If you have been looking for a reason to finally ask that special someone out, then this is the perfect time! Just make sure you have something planned in advance, as everything gets booked out pretty fast. My advice is, if it’s a fresh new date then keep it casual and not over done with all the Valentine’s Day stuff…maybe a single rose, but don’t go overboard…it is a first date after all.

4: It has a positive effect on our relationship

If you romance one another and make each other feel special, then that will have incredibly positive repercussions on your relationship! Use this time of the year to give your relationship the boost it needs. Go to that extra effort to make your partner feel special, and then sit back and watch them fall more in love with you. You can’t lose by investing more into your relationship, so let Valentine’s Day be the starting point.  It’s not about going to great lengths, but rather putting in some though behind your gestures and spending that quality time together.

5: It stretches us to do something out of the ordinary

Life can get busy and we can start to lose sight of what is important. Our relationships start to fall apart when our priorities become mixed up. By choosing to celebrate Valentine’s Day in some way, you are saying that you are choosing to put your relationship and partner first . It means breaking the cycle and placing the focus on what’s really important: each other. Whether you hate it or love it, there are more positive reasons to do something this V-Day than not. So, mark it in your calendar and make this year a little extra special.

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