Here’s why you shouldn’t settle for just being an ‘option’


In a world accustomed to settling for anything, just to have something; it’s hard not to fall victim to becoming an ‘option’.

Often we will choose to be someone’s second choice because we either haven’t realised our worth or perhaps are lonely and are craving love and attention. We take negative attention over no attention at all and wonder why we still feel unloved or unhappy.  Well it’s time to stand firm and stop settling, here are 5 reasons why you should wait to be someone’s first and only choice:

1: You have something to give that no one else can

When we understand our value, we unleash our strength to make clearer and wiser decisions.  Everyone is completely different and should be loved for who they are, not because they are the next best thing.

Only you can bring something unique to a relationship and if someone really values your authenticity, they won’t be measuring you up against other dates.

2: Real love is about being a priority

If someone loves you, they will make you and your relationship a priority from the beginning.  You won’t have to fight for a place in their life or compete against other people on their list.

When you choose to say no to being an option, you are saying yes to the opportunity to become significant to someone that will really want to have you in their life.

3: You won’t be fully happy getting the scraps

We all want to be in love with someone that gives us their best and makes us feel like we are important to them. When someone takes you as just an option instead of a prioritised choice, they won’t be willing to give you the attention and love you need and deserve.

By learning to wait for a healthy love, you will open yourself up to the opportunity of having a more fulfilling relationship in every aspect. You won’t have to fight for the scraps, because they chose you from the beginning to give you their everything.

4: You will always be wondering where you are heading

When we have an unstable beginning it’s hard to have a certain future outcome. If someone takes you as an option, because they couldn’t have what they first wanted, it hard to build a strong and honest foundation. Settling for second best usually result in heartache and lack, so decide to set a certain standard with the people you invite into your heart.

5: You are worth being first choice

Whilst you may not believe it at first, it is the truth. Often previous heartache, disappointment, the past and fear of rejection can stop us from wanting to wait for the best.

But the moment we choose not to settle, is the moment we open the door to inviting a love we are deserving of. Being someone’s second choice or option instead of a priority will only lead to more heartache. Learn to measure you worth not based on your relationship status and don’t forget that real love is always worth the season of singleness.

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