Here’s why it’s the small things that make great relationships

Gone are the days of sheepishly sharing a milkshake in a red-checkered diner or calling your boyfriend’s landline and asking his mother to pass over the phone.

An increasing number of adults are looking for love online, to the tune of 59 percent of people touting it as a good way to meet a partner. Same-sex and interfaith unions are similarly on the rise, along with remarriage and cohabitation.

There are some things, though, that stand the test of time: Catching your partner smiling at you from the corner of your eye. Opening the fridge to see that your spouse purchased your favourite food. Having your significant other laugh at your totally lame joke.

Our friends at Superdrug Online Doctor surveyed over 900 Europeans and Americans to find out which little relationship gestures best kept the spark alive. Keep reading to see what we learned.

You may have realised that a couple of these gestures align with those in the popular five love languagesmodel. Consider taking a peek at it with your partner to determine the “small things” they appreciate most, and how you can show each other love in a way that will make a big impact!

But what about when it comes to intimacy and attraction in your relationship?

Arousal can look completely different from person to person, and different things make each of us tick. But one romantic gesture truly stood out from the pack when it came to setting the sexual tone. Over 31 percent of men and 36.7 percent of women remarked that getting a compliment from their partner calling them “sexy” or “attractive” put them on a fast track to getting in the mood.

So what keeps us satisfied in a relationship?

We take the time to express small gestures of love for our partner to make them happy. A happy partner is usually a satisfied partner. Put two happy campers together – now you’re cooking with gas. A heartwarming 78.7 percent of respondents filed themselves under “satisfied,” while another 17 percent were middling. Only 4.3 percent of our surveyed population was not satisfied in their relationships.

While romantic gestures can serve different purposes, some truly rose above the noise for men and women alike. The power of sharing a smile, uproarious laughter, and the affirmation that yes, you do look sexy, displayed an exceptional impact among our surveyed couples.

Here’s the truth: Nurturing a happy relationship takes a lot of hard work, all the time. The gestures discussed in our survey are fun little components of a much larger machine that needs daily oiling and maintenance. To learn more about keeping both you and your partner physically and sexually healthy, trust Superdrug Online Doctor. We’ve always got your best interests in mind.

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