Here’s why men lose interest in you

If you have a pattern of men losing interest in you…

Maybe giving you a couple of texts, or starting a couple of dates and all of a sudden they pull back and they end it.

hen you want to watch this video because in this video I’m going to give you the top five reasons why men are losing interest in you, not committing, and what you actually need to do about it to turn it around.

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Now in this video I really want to help you understand why it is that men are not committing to you and pulling away.

And I will say this, girls, that not all men are the same and that the right men actually do want to commit to you. But obviously if you are the common denominator in this situation where essentially you’re always single and you’re finding that there’s this cycle happening, then there is a reason for it and I want to address those reasons right now.

Number one, he lost interest because things got too serious too soon.

When we want to build a relationship with someone, us, as women, we really crave that certainty because we want to know that, well, we’re not going to die alone with 52 cats and also that we’re not going to get our heart broken.

Especially if you’ve been dating for quite a while and you have a history of men not really wanting to have a longterm relationship with you, it’s almost like we feel that there’s something wrong with us and we have to try and get that certainty out of the next guy as soon as possible.

So what we do is we put too much pressure on him with commitment instead of just learning to take things as it comes and get to know him over time and allow that commitment to be a natural progression.

Now if you are dating a guy and you both have a really strong connection, then it is really tempting to jump on that connection as affirmation that you should just go all in and see each other as much as possible. In this situation.

What you tend to do is you have love burnout, which is where things get too serious too soon and what he tends to do is freak out and doesn’t feel that he’s ready for that level of commitment so early on.

So try and stay present in each and every single date and understand that it is more important to know the person behind the commitment rather than just have the commitment itself.

FREE GUIDE : The 9 Types Of Women That Make Men Run

Number two, there was not enough lasting attraction.

Now what we can do is we can go on a date with a guy and we can come across really bold and confident or sexy and he can be really attracted to us and it’s like that chemistry is there in the beginning.

But then what happens when he starts to pull back after a couple of dates or even a month or two and you feel like it’s all kind of just fizzled out and your now kind of trying to get his attention and you’re chasing him.

Well, that could be an indication that there wasn’t enough lasting attraction.

I say lasting attraction because you have to understand, girls, that it’s not just about being sexy and using your physical appearance.

It’s also about stimulating his mind and heart at the same time. Now, the way that we do that is we need to tap into what it is that men want.

You can’t just go on a date and go, “Oh, here I am, aren’t I fabulous?” If a guy likes certain things and wants certain things and you’re not aware of what those are, then essentially you’re just kind of shooting in the dark and you’re never really going to hit that target.

So this brings me to my next point.

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Number three, you didn’t show him that you’re interested.

That may sound really basic but I see it all the time, girls. Okay, I understand that you don’t want to chase a guy. I get that, and I don’t want you to do that either, but if you don’t actually give him some sort of signs that you like him back and that you’re interested in him.

Or he’s going to assume that you aren’t and he’s basically going to pull back and put his interests elsewhere.

Now, one of the simple ways that you can show him that you are interested without coming across as needy, or desperate, or clingy, or easy, is simply by complimenting him or saying, “Thank you.”

Men respond to words of affirmation and I personally believe that the two major love languages of men is physical touch and words of affirmation.

So straight away, there’s two ways that you can show him that you’re actually keen on him, whether it is giving him light touches, maybe a little kiss on the cheek, flirting a bit more, or saying compliments like, “Oh, I really love it when you do that,” or, “I think you look really handsome,” or “You make me feel really special,” or “You give me butterflies.”

Simple things like that. Just you know, give him a basic indication that you actually do like him and it encourages behavior to then want to invest into you even more.

Number four, you came across too strong or you were  a doormat.

Now if you are a strong, confident, bold woman, then that is amazing. And you know what? That might even be classed as kind of like an Alpha woman.

And men love that. But at the same time you have to understand that men want to lead when it comes to dating and relationships.

They want to be the ones to take charge and essentially be the hero. And if you’re constantly trying to do his role, by initiating everything, and ordering the food, and pulling out your own chair, and opening your own door, you’re not really leaving him room to step into that masculine role that he wants to.

So therefor he won’t  feel that he has some sort of a part in that relationship.Men have desires that need to be fulfilled just like we as women have desires that need to be fulfilled.

 If you aren’t actually allowing that opportunity for him to step into that masculine energy, then he’s not going to have those desires met and then he’s probably not going to want to continue to invest into you.

Now on the flip side, if you’re just sitting back and doing absolutely nothing, whether your being like self-entitled or indifferent, which translates to high maintenance or whether you are just turning into a doormat basically.

You don’t have any sort of opinion. You don’t give him any sort of challenge and you just kind of sit back and allow him to do everything.

Then he’s not really going to feel that he’s getting the right sort of value from you because you’re not challenging him. You’re not stepping into your own and you’re essentially allowing him to lead you too much to a point where he feels that you’re not going to be an equal partner but rather somebody that he’s going to have to drag along.

FREE GUIDE : The 9 Types Of Women That Make Men Run

And lastly, number five… you are dating the wrong men.

Essentially, girls, there are only two reasons why we struggle in love. We either date the wrong person or we do the wrong things and obviously the first four points are about maybe doing the wrong sort of things.

 You are the common denominator in your life and if you find that you are doing everything right but you’re still getting the same negative results with men pulling back, then you are probably dating the wrong sort of guy over and over again.

And it’s really important to understand why this is happening. And the reason why when anybody works with me they get a massive sort of breakthrough is because I don’t just address, “Okay. Here’s your list of issues,” but more why are these issues happening in the first place?

Now you might be attracted to men that are emotionally unavailable and you feel like you can’t help it, or you might be attracted to men who are bad boys, or you might be attracted to men that have the wrong sort of attachment commitment style.

And that is why you’re getting the same sort of result.

You cannot force an apple to be an orange. And what I mean by that is you cannot force commitment out of somebody who just does not have the capacity in order to be able to commit or invest.

Because they haven’t learned how to do that, or they just have their own sort of baggage, or they’re just not ready.

So it’s really important to understand why you’re dating these sort of guys and where it’s actually coming from so that you can get the root of the issue in order to be able to change that brain pattern and fall in love with what is actually good for you.

So that you’re not trying to force commitment or interest out of men who just aren’t able to give it to you.

And if that is something that you would like to do, then click through to coaching with me where you can actually schedule a call and we can about that and really start to work out why that’s happening for you in the first place.

All right girls, I hope that that cleared up some of those confusions for you and I really hope that you can step back now, the next time before you date, or maybe with the current guy that you’re dating and pinpoint why he is pulling back and pinpoint why he is losing interest.


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