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Did you know leap years mean you can propose to your man?

Hell it’s OK to propose anytime, frankly, but at least with a leap year, fella’s may be prepared for you to pop the question. But are you?

Should I propose? Do you know how I should I propose? We do! Here at award winning city dating, we’ve been walking people up the aisle for years so if you’re thinking of taking that leap into marriage, we propose that you read this first…

What is a leap year?

It’s a tradition thought to have started back in the 5th century Ireland when St Bridget of Kildare (an Irish nun) complained of women waiting far too long for their partners to propose (we know another famous Bridget who did this..?)

Some women had even taken to wearing silk gloves to hide the embarrassment of not wearing a wedding ring. The shame! And so a law was passed allowing women to propose to their men folk.

Should I propose?

OK, so we presume you’re not just a few months into the relationship and that you know him pretty well.  He hasn’t asked you yet and you haven’t dumped him for being slow off the mark.

Obviously you’ve given this lots of thought and have decided this is the only guy you wish to spend the rest of your life with.  Ask yourself will popping the question completely come out of the blue to him?

Has marriage ever figured in your conversations? Has he talked about a future together?

How should I propose?

 Ideally, you want to be in a situation that means something to you both. It could be your favourite café, walk, and park or just being cosied up at home on your favourite sofa with your favourite meal or tipple.

Guys are more receptive to homely, comfortable surroundings so save the hired cabaret dancers and fireworks. You want him to feel relaxed and receptive.Give it a little thought though.

He doesn’t want a gold band stuffed into a deep crust pizza while he sits in his pants watching  Transformers.

Choose a place you know he likes or one that’ll preferably evoke fond memories pertinent to you as a couple: where you had your first date, first kiss or your best time ever.Foodie scenarios offer endless ‘will you marry me’ opportunities if you’d rather write a note then say the words.

The end of the meal is the best time but ensure he’s not blind drunk and that the evening’s gone just swell.

Maybe slip a lovely photo with the note on the back in the dessert menu, remove your jumper to reveal a ‘will you marry me’ t-shirt (see how long it takes him to notice) or take a selfie and pop an sneaky ‘will you marry me’ note over his head with an arrow, which he only sees when you show him the pic

.If leaving notes or gold bands in drinks or desserts, etc, just ensure it’s visible and that you don’t choke your future husband to death.

What if he hesitates or says no?

 OK, it’s good to have this scenario in mind and a plan on how you’ll deal with it. This is why proposing in a less public place can mean you get an honest answer and have the space to talk about it or share the moment afterwards.

Firstly, don’t be alarmed if he hesitates, stutters or says nothing at first. He may have forgotten it’s a leap year so will be totally caught off guard.

Hopefully it will just be with emotion and not him quickly working out an exit route.

Remember, men have been programmed for centuries to do the asking and some guys might feel emasculated or uneasy at being asked. If he loves you, he’ll get over it and realize you just saved him the nerve-wracking job.

If he says ‘no but…’ don’t see it as a flat out rejection. It’s the perfect time to talk about what you both want for the future while he voices any concerns he may have about the relationship.

They could be financial, career related, maybe his parents divorced and he has a bad view of marriage, whatever the uncertainty, as long as he loves you, you’ll get to talk about and the resolve the issues so stay calm.

If he says ‘hell no, I don’t want to get married’ or has no real reasons as to why he turned you down, as devastating as it would be, you’ve brought a big problem out in the open. If you’re set on marriage, a family and a future together and he’s not, you need to seriously consider if he is the one for you after all.

Ultimately, there are two routes proposing to your guy will offer your future and either one should lead you to your happy-ever-after…Are you proposing today? Ohhhh tell us how it goes on twitter @Lovestruck

Good luck!




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