Are we in a Hook-Up Culture? Here’s the answer …

We all know that dating apps and online dating have made accessing ‘love’ so much easier . I tentatively say ‘love’ because in reality , that is not the common reason why people are pursuing dating .

In fact recent surveys have shown that a large group of millennials are using dating apps merely because they are either bored or wanting a quick fling.

It’s frustrating and sad to know that dating is no longer about pursuing a relationship , but rather simply something to either pass the time or get attention. Yet here we are , this is the world we live in and something has to be down about it.

It seems more women are opposed to hooking up on the first date as opposed to men . But thankful a large majority agrees that having a dating app whilst in a relationship is a form of cheating !

So let’s take a look at the stats :

After seeing that , it really makes you think more about not only which apps to join , but also how to protect yourself from falling for someone with the wrong intentions.  Dating doesn’t have to be something we are fearful of , but obviously not everyone will be doing it for the right reasons .

So instead of rushing into a relationship with someone , or expecting every guy you meet to be your prince , take your time to get to know their true character and motives .

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